The Mercedes G-Class Can Drift: These Videos Prove It

Celebrities like Hilary Duff and Kim Kardashian use the Mercedes G-Class to shop for vegan food or go to Pilates class. However, this 4x4 can do so much more under the right conditions.
The Mercedes G-Class Can Drift: These Videos Prove It 1 photo
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You've probably seen incredible off-road footage where a G-Class climbs a vertical wall, and you likely know that the model was originally designed for the army. But do you know it can perform all-wheel drifting? To do that, you need a combination of two things: power and guts. After all, not every driver has the confidence to push a tall and heavy car to the verge of tipping over.

The first video is like a warm-up. In an empty mall parking lot somewhere in Russia, the owner of a silver G63 AMG decides to put his V8 grunt to the test. Doing donuts doesn't qualify as drifting in our book, especially when the snow makes everything so much easier.

But fear not, because there are plenty of irresponsible G-Class owners in the world. The second video below is a compilation. Highlights include some Arabs driving the 4x4 on two wheels in typical Hagwalah style, shenanigans in the mud, heavy snow and on an Arctic track. Some of that stuff will definitely qualify as drifting.

Finally, we have the pièce de résistance, a classic video that's as old as the Internet, dating back to 2007. The same year that Akon and Eminem came up with Smack That, this G55 AMG was smacked around until it performed a perfect drift at a roundabout.

We're always searching for ways to make motorsport more attractive, and this is one of them. Wouldn't it be cool to have a D1 championship just for SUVs and trucks? Maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger can do the commentary since he has a G-Wagon too. Anyway, just because you can afford to buy one of these doesn't make you a driving god. A lot of things can go wrong if you drive one of these like a maniac, as proven by our previous G-Class crash compilation.

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