The Mercedes-AMG Family Reunion Is One Dinner Party That Doesn't Sound Boring

The Mercedes-AMG range is more exciting than ever. It may have lost some of that hooligan-factor, but that doesn't mean that the stories 'round the family table are going to be more boring - just that there'll be less burping.
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Mercedes-AMG familyMercedes-AMG familyMercedes-AMG familyMercedes-AMG familyMercedes-AMG familyMercedes-AMG familyMercedes-AMG familyMercedes-AMG family
Indeed, he AMG cars are more civilized than ever, and that is in spite of the upward trajectory of their overall power output. But reverting to that shouty attitude that has built their reputation over the years is still possible, and all it takes to activate it is the push of a button. Rudeness is not their default state anymore, but should you feel like waking up the whole neighborhood, an AMG model is still happy to oblige.

So while the AMGs don't seem to have lost anything, they have surely gained a lot. And we do mean A LOT. Would you like us to list the entire roster of AMG models? Well, we could try, but we would surely miss a few of them. The go-faster/scream-louder versions are now available as soon as the A-Class, and it's not like the compact car is there just to provide easy access to the family for those with a less prolific financial status. Oh, no, the Mercedes-AMG A45 is one hell of a ride - probably the most fun you can have with a front-wheel-drive car. OK, it's got the 4MATIC four-wheel-drive system, but you know what we mean.

You can have any member of the new C-Class family as an AMG sports car, and most of them offer at least two versions, if not three. There are the C43 models, the C63 ones and then there is the C63 S. That's 12 different models (sedan, wagon, coupe and cabrio) only in the C-Class family.

The SUVs are just as well represented, and let's not forget that AMG was the company that released the absolutely ridiculous G63 AMG 6x6, the car that defies common sense in such a magnificent way that it's impossible to get mad at it. And let's not forget that Affalterbach is one of the few places where they still build cars with V12 bi-turbo engines. The fact they are big limousines or tall SUVs is just the icing on the cake.

To celebrate this unprecedented expansion of its range, Mercedes-AMG has released a presentation video to get your blood pumping. And, boy, the one minute and 12 seconds clip is as good as a two-mile jog. That final shot is just breath-taking. Just make sure you have the sound switched on.


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