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The Matrix 4 Title and Trailer Action Revealed During WB’s CinemaCon Event

The original Matrix movie came out back in 1999 and went on to gross over $460 million worldwide. It was praised for its original story, its innovative visual effects, spectacular action sequences and its cinematography.
The Matrix 4 unofficial poster 6 photos
The Matrix official image galleryThe Matrix official image galleryThe Matrix official image galleryThe Matrix official posterThe Matrix official poster
Today, it is considered among the best science fiction movies of all time, even though the two sequels weren’t as critically acclaimed.

Well, like it or not, there’s a fourth Matrix movie on its way and we’ve learned not only what it’s called, but also what we’re going to see in the first official trailer, which has yet to be released. The movie itself is scheduled to hit theaters on December 22.

So then, the title of the movie, according to Deadline, is: “The Matrix: Resurrections” - plural, which could be indicative of how several characters from the first three movies are coming back, like Carrie Anne Moss’ Trinity for example, or Morpheus, albeit a younger version (not played by Laurence Fishburne).

Now, let’s get into the trailer, because people who got to see it at CinemaCon went on to post full descriptions online (no video yet, unfortunately).

It allegedly starts with Neil Patrick Harris’ character (a therapist) talking to Keanu Reeves’ Neo, who’s back in the Matrix, plugged in, much like in the beginning of the first movie. Neo, by the way, is said to look just like John Wick, with Reeves seemingly unwilling to lose the long hair and beard.

After the therapy session, Neo encounters Trinity in a café, feeling as though they have met before. Then, there’s a shot of blue pills spilling into a sink and a shot of Neo distorting into an old man in a mirror. Then we get some action shots, martial arts moves and all that good stuff we know to expect from a Matrix movie, but not before Neo yet again takes the red pill, this time from a younger Morpheus.

Considering that the CinemaCon footage was more than likely a teaser trailer and not the official first trailer, we don’t have a problem with the aforementioned description sounding perhaps a bit lackluster.


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