The M5. A Submarine Super-Yacht That Offers a Cruise Through the North Pole

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M5 Super-YachtM5 Super-YachtM5 Super-YachtM5 Super-Yacht
That’s right. A submarine super-yacht. The M5 is designed by Migaloo Submarines. It's the only one worldwide, making it a true one of a kind right from the launch gate.
I’ve heard the word 'submarine' before. I’ve even heard the words 'super-yacht'. Never, until now, have I heard all of these words in one phrase.

You would be correct in putting the words together to get the composed phrase 'Submarine Super-Yacht'. But what exactly is a submarine super-yacht? As the name suggest, it's a submarine and a super-yacht all in one sweet package. And oh, how sweet it is.

Let’s start this off with the hardware. First of all, it’s big. Really Big. How big? 540 feet big (165 meters). With enough rooms and suites for 34 guests plus owner/s. Quarters for up to twenty staff are also present in the designs.

M5 Super\-Yacht
Photo: Migaloo
This subaquatic mobile lair has a range of over 8000 nautical miles. Average speed while on the surface is about 20 knots (23 MPH and 12 knots (14 MPH) while submerged. Oh, and I nearly forgot, you can remain submerged for nearly four weeks, to really get a feel of our underwater world.

Three different decks exist: A fly deck, a sun and sail deck, and a beach deck. Pools and hot-tubs complete the mix. If at some point, while up top, you still feel the need to be back underneath the waves, there’s a viewing deck in the designs that allow you to do just that.

Now, it is a superyacht after-all, so there're definitely some toys aboard. I’ll just start off with the most visible: a helicopter, folks. And since the Migaloo M5 is a submarine after-all, a hangar to keep your choppa’ in, while diving, is also in the plans.

Next up you have two customizable, 6-person mini submarines, coming in at 51 feet in length, just in case a very private party is required or you want to get closer to the reefs. Another two submersibles and several ROV’s (remotely operated vehicle) and UUV’s (unmanned underwater vehicle) allow for an even closer look while on your adventures. To complete the diving mix, a couple of diving chambers exist as well, complete with hyperbaric chambers.

M5 Super\-Yacht
Photo: Migaloo
But that’s just for the underwater fun. What about when you’re up top grabbing some sun? Don’t worry, the M5 has you covered. A number of jet-skies and other undisclosed toys are on board. You’ll just have to give Migaloo a call to find out.

With a design inspired by the U.S. Navy, you know you’ll definitely make it through the trip.

Since the luxury yacht standard adheres to this giant metal whale, be sure to find jacuzzies, suites, spa treatments, and swimming pools. And if you have anything specific in mind, do tell Migaloo. They will allow you to customize the interior and some exterior accents within bounds of functionality.

But, if you feel you are the kind of person that just likes to test-drive things like this, you don’t have to buy it to ride it. Migaloo offers an M5 cruise underneath the North Pole. Leave a comment as to how your trip was.
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