The "M" Rapide Is Angell Mobility's Idea of a 21st-Century Two-Wheeler, and It's Electric

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Photo: Angell Mobility
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A couple of weeks ago, autoevolution featured a piece on a French bicycle designer and manufacturer named Angell. That piece was focused on the S Rapide e-bike, and today, we continue to explore the delicious trinkets this crew spits out with the M Rapide, a €2,740 designed to optimize your urban travels.
Much on Angell there's isn't public, but we do know that they popped up on the international e-bike scene back in 2019, and today, they offer four distinct bicycles with which you can do what you typically do with an e-bike. However, clear styling differences set this brand apart from others on the market, and in a world where Chinese printing presses can shape everything from pens to bikes and even cars, fresh designs are sure to grab some attention, as is the case here.

Now, the moment I laid eyes on the M Rapide, I could easily tell that the manufacturer was doing things untraditionally. For example, the top tube is bent at an angle before it transforms into the seat stays, and as opposed to traditional styles, the seat tube then breaks through said top tube, leaving a gap under the rider. I'm not saying it's wrong - I'm sure Angell has worked out the dynamics – it just looks like I'm riding a gestating hunk of aluminum, ready to spit out little baby bikes.

Then there's the matter of that integrated handlebar design that just brings the shapes and lines of bicycles into the 21st century, possibly beyond. It's the sort of bike I imagine folks in a utopian society would be riding, and utopic is the way Angell wants things to be.

M Rapide E\-Bike
Photo: Angell Mobility
That leads us to the electronic components found on the Rapide. One way Angell kept the frame so lovely and sleek was by moving the battery pack to the rear of the EV. It's what you see sticking out at the back and over the wheel. No, it's not a cargo rack, but a removable battery pack that offers up to 50 kilometers (31 miles) of range in optimum settings. Considering a full charge is achieved in around two hours, it doesn't even matter that you may ride out that charge in just a few hours. Pull over, and while having a Saturday coffee break, recharge the Rapide and head back.

All the power you'll need to move around your city faster than you would with just legs is also found on the rear segment of the bike. A 250-watt motor is mounted to the rear wheel hub and offers enough spunk to assist you up to speeds of 25 kph (15.5 mph), so play around with the three levels of assistance.

M Rapide E\-Bike Batter Pack
Photo: Angell Mobility
Diving deeper into Angell machines, I realized that this crew prides itself on the fact that they aim to build a safer vehicle than we may be used to. For example, the handlebar also features integrated turn signals on the ends. The large stopping lights mounted to the battery pack ensure your actions are visible no matter the time of day. As a final trick, each product to leave Angell assembly lines is equipped with an anti-theft system, one so good that Angell will replace your EV if it's stolen in the first two years of usage. Oh, and clearly, there's an app for that, allowing you to track trip and bike diagnostics.

Regarding pricing and all that, I mentioned that you dish out €2,740 for one of these, which is roughly $2,850 (at current exchange rates). But, the Rapide seems to only be available to European dealerships, so you'll clearly be tacking on some shipping costs for this 16.8-kilogram (37-pound) hunk of metal and wires. You're also buying the right to be different and stand out in your town, so consider that for a moment, especially if you like the limelight.
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