The Lineage Class C RV Is Meant To Herald a New Era for America's Grand Design RV

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This is it: a turning point in Grand Design RV's history. The one and only image (at this time) before you is of the upcoming Lineage Class C RV from this American crew. This is the Lineage's story.
Ladies and gents and lovers of the great outdoors, today we'll be exploring a turning point in Grand Design RV's history because until now, this American camper manufacturer focused on nothing other than crafting some of America's travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. Check some of them out in the gallery.

Well, the Lineage, the Class C RV we see in the gallery, is the first of its kind for this crew, but sadly, all we have so far is just a few presentation videos here and there and a brochure vaguely outlining what's to come. Still, there's plenty of info to keep us entertained and informed for the next few minutes.

Now, the Lineage will be, as you can expect, the proverbial flagship for what we can consider a new era for Grand Design. Even the little information they offer suggests "new beginnings," not only for the customer but also for the company. After all, a quick look at their Facebook page revealed numerous disgruntled customers for one reason or another.

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Photo: Grand Design RV
So, what can we expect? Well, the one image we have tells only part of the story; the rest is up to our experience with such vehicles. For starters, we can see that good old Mercedes-Benz is the center of the action, and this means quite a few things, of which dependability is one of them. Secondly, it means a premium price; after all, Mercedes-Benz is, well, Mercedes-Benz, and we all know they aren't cheap.

From what I can tell, this thing isn't small either, showcasing what appears to be a dual-wheel rear axle setup, and if we compare the shell to the people in the image, we can get a feel for just how large the interior may be.

But, before heading inside do take note of Grand Design's inclination toward outdoor living for this unit, equipping the one side we see with four different bays where to store goods, access systems, and even hides an entertainment center in case you want to catch the game while roasting some S'mores.

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Photo: Grand Design RV
Then there's that massive roof rack that seems to cover most of the unit's surface area. Here, there's no limit to what you can bring along—tools, toys, you name it. Heck, I'm hoping Grand Design has a walkable roof in place, letting us catch the sunrise or sunset from atop this mobile home.

Regarding the interior, it's a cab-over design, so we can expect at least one bedding area to be supplied up here, and for sure there's a modular dinette inside. Considering there's a family hanging out in the photo, we can understand a bit about what's going on inside.

Units this large, and Class C RVs in general, are also equipped with complete on-road living facilities and creature comforts, and if Grand Design wants to stand a chance at getting their hands on future owners' dollars, then you know we're in for a treat.

There's sure to be a wet bath inside, a full galley with residential-sized appliances, and, if I may, we could even expect features like washing machines. Honestly, I can't wait for this manufacturer to start unveiling images of this unit's interior.

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Photo: Grand Design RV
As for the essentials like plumbing and off-grid power solutions, Grand Design makes no mention of what's in store. That said, we can use this opportunity to voice our requests. Maybe the shot-callers read the comment you folks leave and meet our requests once the final spec sheet is released.

Personally, I'd like to request at least 400 W of solar power, enough water to keep my family clean and healthy for around five days, and, if I may, a motor-mounted inverter/charger to feed my battery needs in case the sun doesn't shine for a day or two; I'm curious to see what you ask for.

There's no telling precisely when this lineup will be released, but Grand Design did hold a sweepstakes with the Lineage at the center of the action; it's an exclusive trip to Bryant Park, New York, where you'll experience a "first-of-its-kind glamping event" and even have tour campsite fees at national and state parks cover for the summer of 2024. Now, that's bound to get some attention, and it has; hundreds of people have responded to the stimuli over the past weeks; it seems that I'm the only one late to the game, sort of.

If you want to be in line with exclusive information on this unit, be sure to head down to Grand Design RV's website and sign up to be among the first to see all the Lineage has to offer when the time comes. Enjoy the trip.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Grand Design RV units.

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