The Lexus HX Sleigh Runs on Renewable Holiday Spirit, Has All-Reindeer Drive

Did you happen to notice how Santa didn’t have any issues delivering presents this year, despite countless travel restrictions and all manners of regulations being enforced throughout the world due to the ongoing health crisis? You can thank Lexus for that.
Santa got a brand new ride this year, with the Lexus HX Sleigh concept 4 photos
Photo: Lexus Canada
Santa got a brand new ride this year, with the Lexus HX Sleigh conceptSanta got a brand new ride this year, with the Lexus HX Sleigh conceptSanta got a brand new ride this year, with the Lexus HX Sleigh concept
Around Christmastime (right after Thanksgiving, to be more accurate) and all the way to the New Year, carmakers go into full holiday spirit mode. As a result, we get ads, special offers and discounts, and more than a fair share of fake well-acted jolliness.

This is not like that. For this year’s special celebrations, Lexus created a concept for a new sleigh for Santa, which they called the Lexus HX Sleigh. The concept – and the press release that accompanied it – was all about having fun and putting a smile on people’s faces, but it also served to emphasize the fact that Lexus is working on improving its hybrid tech. That came as an afterthought, though.

That said, the HX Sleigh is all about sustainability, efficiency, and awesomeness, while still being a very fancy ride. It runs on 100% renewable holiday spirit and comes with ARD (All-Reindeer Drive), for the smoothest and most powerful journey even through thick snow. Which, let’s face it, Santa does happen to encounter on his yearly trek.

Designed and built by Santa’s Takumi elves, the HX Sleigh comes with plenty of stuff to make this one-night journey as comfortable and efficient as possible. It has limitless cargo space, so your kids will never again ask you how Santa is able to fit all those toys in a regular sleigh, Climate Concierge with Neck Warmer, touchscreen display with Embedded Air Traffic Control, and custom Mark Levinson Surround audio system that plays only Christmas carols. Plus, it looks pretty badass.

Because no press announcement is complete without a couple of quotes, Lexus Canada got to hear from the man himself, who said his old sleigh had started to look “a bit less refined than it used to,” so the HX couldn’t have come at a better time. It even got Mrs. Claus’ stamp of approval.

The reindeer were also thrilled with it, so PETA took about a hundred seats this year. Rudolph, Director of Reindeer Resources, claimed it was the help they needed the most, after a most exhausting year. “Plus, the fact that it runs on 100% renewable holiday spirit means even our planet gets a gift this year!,” he enthused.

As Charlie Sheen would eloquently say back in the day, #winning.
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