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The Lexus 2054 Featured in Spielberg's "Minority Report" Gets Driveable Version

Imagining what cars fifty years from now will look is a difficult business, but somebody has to do it. The auto industry does work with some years in advance, but that buffer is far from five decades, so this task falls on somebody else's shoulders.
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It's a tricky one. Having complete freedom can sometimes lead to crazy ideas, solutions that the public will immediately dismiss as being too exaggerated. Imagine a movie set twenty years from now where people travel between cities in pods that magnetically glide inside some huge tubes. Oh, wait...

You've got your science-fiction writers, your futurologists and other people who dedicate their lives to what's about to come, so there's plenty of counsel to be had if it's veracity you're after. However, in the world of Hollywood movies, that's hardly a priority. They want the "wow" factor, so they're not afraid to go more than a little over the top with the vehicles' design.

That's precisely why most of them never make it into reality. Well, that and the fact that some tend to fly, while others transform into robots. The Lexus 2054, on the other hand, had a more down to earth design. The car was created for Steven Spielberg's 2002 movie called "Minority Report" starring Tom Cruise. You probably remember the film and, if you're a car guy, you might also recall this vehicle.

With a shape that makes it really hard to tell which way it's facing, the Lexus 2054 painted a pretty grim future for our cars, if we're to be honest. If this was all progress half a century was able to offer humanity, we sure hope somebody will give us a heads up so we can hang on to our current cars.

It seems like we won't have to wait until 2054 to drive this Lexus, though, as one man cheated time with 38 years and has built it right now. We're pretty sure that visibility is atrocious and getting in through that small opening is something only a hobbit can do comfortably, but, hey, it'a one-off car that will surely turn some heads on the street. Half of them for not understanding why it is driving backward.

That low rear profile needed a special kind of engine, and there's one particular brand that specializes in building them. That's right, the real-world Lexus 2054 is based on a Porsche and comes with a 2.7-liter flat six.

That might partially explain the $95,000 asking price, but it's not like a Porsche enthusiast will ever go near it. As will hardcore fans of the movie (if there is such a thing), since it isn't exactly a perfect replica. Anyway, if you're interested, head over to ebay and make an offer.


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