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The Legendary Ukrainian Farmer and the Things His Tractor Can Tow

The war in Ukraine is now three weeks old. Like all wars before it and all wars to come, it brings suffering, devastation, and loss of hope. But like all wars before it and all wars to come, it also brings heroes.
Graffiti in The Netherlands documenting Ukrainian Farmer's exploits 6 photos
Ukrainian Farmer tractor towing submarineUkrainian Farmer tractor towing SoyuzUkrainian Farmer tractor towing aircraft carrierUkrainian Farmer tractor towing MiGUkrainian Farmer tractor towing Red Square landmark
For the Ukrainians, a hero stepped up on the very first day of the war. He is a sort of mythical air force pilot, riding a MiG-29 Fulcrum into battle against much more technologically advanced enemies. Nicknamed Ghost of Kyiv, he’s said to have shot down no less than six Russian aircraft on the first day of the war, and, depending on the source, up to 30 since that time.

But the Ghost of Kyiv is at his core military, trained to do combat. And as we all know by now, it’s not only soldiers that are opposing the Russians in Ukraine. Civilians do it too, and to them, a hero’s myth is the Ukrainian Farmer.

His legend started in the first days of the war as well, when the humans on Earth saw unbelievable images of a Ukrainian tractor towing a captured Russian tank. Since then, the real world has been flooded with equally real short clips (some of them are attached below the text) of other tractors doing the same thing to other military hardware, including tanks, different types of armor, missile launchers, and troop carriers.

But the myth around the Ukrainian Farmer, his tractor and their exploits has grown well past what’s going on in the real world. As usual, the Internet is the driving force behind the push to make this into another unsung hero of a besieged country that needs him.

It is on the Internet where we find more or less successfully doctored images of farmers and tractors towing Russian submarines and aircraft carriers, MiGs, not on the ground, but in full flight, the Soyuz rocket the Russians are no longer allowing anyone to use for flights into space, and even buldings.

We’ve spent some time digging up these instances of a made up hero in action, and you can see the best ones we found displayed in the gallery attached to this piece.


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