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The Latest Porsche App for iPhone Brings a Feature New Owners Are Going to Love

Porsche has recently updated its iPhone app with a feature that new customers will definitely enjoy as they wait for their car to be shipped.
My Porsche app for iPhone 1 photo
More specifically, after updating the My Porsche app for iOS to version 2.8.4, those who have only recently purchased a Porsche 911 can keep an eye on the status of the order until the car arrives at the dealer.

In other words, this means My Porsche users who are new Porsche 911 customers will be always be up-to-date with everything related to their new purchase until the moment they can take it home.

The feature is called “Porsche Track Your Dream” and has previously been offered as a web app for specific markets, so beginning with this update, it’s also part of the iPhone app that anyone can install for free from the App Store. The web app has been rolling out gradually in more regions beginning with 2019, and it’s now bundled with the iOS app for easy access.

Porsche explains in the changelog of the new app version that the latest update also includes an “Add vehicle” option that allows all Porsche models that someone owns under just one ID account.

The messenger that allows customers to get in touch with the Porsche dealer, customer care and Porsche Financial Services is now bundled within the app, and this new version brings additional polishing for the whole experience to make everything run smoother on the iPhone.

And like the majority of software updates, the new release also includes unnamed fixes and improvements, so overall, everything should be more refined after updating the app.

As for what you need to run the My Porsche app, pretty much any iPhone that is powered by iOS 11 or later will do, so if you use an iPhone X or iPhone 11, you should be good to go.


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