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The Latest iPhone Update Said to Break Down a Key CarPlay Feature

If you use CarPlay when driving and you recently noticed a Siri glitch on your fully up-to-date iPhone, you’re not alone. Because as it turns out, there’s a bug in the latest iOS version that prevents the digital assistant from reading the full content of a new message.
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First and foremost, let’s see how the Siri integration works when getting a new message.

In theory, if CarPlay is running on the screen in your car (so the iPhone is connected to the head unit) and you receive a new message, the app automatically shows a notification to let you know about it.

Needless to say, you can’t open the text message on CarPlay for obvious reasons, but what you can do is tap the notification and have Siri read the message for you. This way, the distraction is reduced to the minimum, while also letting you stay up-to-date with your inbox.

But after the update to iOS 14.5.1, which landed earlier this month with critical security fixes and an App Tracking Transparency patch, some users can no longer turn to Siri to have their messages read. This is because Siri only reads a few words, in some cases just two or three, before it gets completely silent.

At this point, it’s not yet clear what’s happening and how the whole thing could be fixed, but several users here on reddit explain that Siri experiences the same behavior in their cars as well, and in all cases, iOS 14.5.1 appears to be the culprit.

On the other hand, others explain that similar problems have been encountered in the past as well, so maybe iOS 14.5.1 just brings back an older glitch that has previously been resolved.

No fix is known to exist, and of course, Apple is yet to acknowledge the notification struggle, which means users are all alone in their attempt to resolve it.


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