The Latest Google App Update Fixes One Annoying Bug in Android Auto

Pulse SMS is one very popular texting app, but as some people discovered recently the hard way, it stopped working with Android Auto.
Google Assistant on Android Auto getting more fixes 8 photos
Pulse SMS for AndroidPulse SMS for AndroidPulse SMS for AndroidPulse SMS for AndroidPulse SMS for AndroidPulse SMS for AndroidPulse SMS for Android
Sure, Android Auto issues are nothing new and things like this one come and go occasionally, but their favorite texting app no longer being supported when driving certainly isn’t good news.

Many took to Google’s forums to complain about this problem, with Google acknowledging the problem after looking into the reports sent by users.

More specifically, Pulse SMS, which still shows up on the Android Auto home screen, is considered an unsupported app, with Google Assistant no longer reading any messages when they arrive. And it’s easy to see where this is going: the problem wasn’t necessarily in Android Auto, but in the assistant that works with it.

Google has recently announced that the latest updates for the Google app solve the problem, so everyone hitting this issue should update to the newest version.

The Google Assistant team rolled out a fix for this issue. For the best performance, please make sure your Google app version is up-to-date and let us know how it goes. Thanks!” a Google engineer said.

There are no specifics regarding the version of the Google app that brings the fix. However, the company shipped several updates lately, and the patch has most likely been bundled with version 11.9.16, which was published on May 18. Earlier today, the company rolled out another update to version 11.9.18, so if you install this one, you should still get the fix anyway.

Keeping apps up-to-date is the easiest way to make sure you’re getting the latest improvements, so if you come across bugs in Android Auto, just try to install the latest updates. Android Auto, for example, is being updated on a monthly basis with more and more bug fixes and performance optimizations under the hood.


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