The Lamborghini JUMPACAN Gets Mods for SEMA 2021, Has Quite a Story

We wonder what the folks at Lamborghini have to say about the JUMPACAN. A Huracan rolled off the factory floors, then crashed, then salvaged, resurrected with a Chevy LS motor, and now it's about to go to SEMA with some new mods.
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That's a wild story all by itself but, when we dig into the details, it becomes all the more impressive. Chris Steinbacher has always had a knack for creating wild and impressive builds but the JUMPACAN is on another level.

He's been to SEMA before and he's taken another Huracan that had an LS V8 too. Unlike that car, this one is meant to go off-road. Way off-road. It has huge off-road tires and wheels, it has custom long-travel suspension, and now it has some custom body panels.

During this episode, we get a glimpse into the real work that has to take place for a SEMA build to come together. The episode starts off with Chris walking us through the creation of a rear-tire carrier. Remember all those cool factory-backed Jeeps or Broncos that show up? Pretty much all of those use factory pickup points for their additional equipment.

For the JUMPACAN, Chris has to build literally everything if he wants it to work or fit right. That means creating the specific structural pieces to make the tire carrier work and function. It also ends up meaning the engine hoist is required to lower the tire onto the rig.

Then it comes time to work on the side panels. Sheet metal is much harder to work with than it might initially seem. That becomes obvious quickly as the panels don't really look right when they're first installed. Since the mounting points aren't flat, the metal bends and curves under the strain. That looks funny on a car full of sharp creases and harder angles.

To fix the problem, the team removes all the panels they just installed and creates sharper harder bends in each piece. The result is stunning and completely in line with the rest of the Huracan's original design. We can't wait to see the finished, wrapped, and rowdy product at SEMA starting on November 2nd.

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