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The Lambo of Enduro Biking - 2021 Giant Trance X Advanced Pro 29 0
It seems that everybody like e-bikes. But you aren’t everybody. You understood from an early age that the only real way to ride a bike is with your own muscles and body, the true eco-friendly way. To help you do that, Giant just released their newest enduro bike.

The Lambo of Enduro Biking - 2021 Giant Trance X Advanced Pro 29 0

Trance X Advanced Pro 29 0Trance X Advanced Pro 29 0Trance X Advanced Pro 29 0Trance X Advanced Pro 29 0Trance X Advanced Pro 29 0Trance X Advanced Pro 29 0Trance X Advanced Pro 29 0Trance X Advanced Pro 29 0
She’s called the Trance X Advanced Pro 29 0. A whole bunch of letters and numbers, so we’ll just call it the 29 0. The reason being is that she has another two other sisters, and we wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I look at this bike, I can just imagine myself getting all f’ed up with one big ol’ smile on my face. As long as I have my POC NFC, I should be fine. Just look at it. Even if the color scheme is not customizable, even if there was no color on it and all we saw was a bare frame and components, I would still be wagging my tail.

Just the geometry of the frame and that massive rear swing arm lets you know right off the bat that you will be staying vertical the whole ride through. Speaking about the mainframe, just so we are on the same page as to why this bike costs near nine thousand U.S. dollars. The frame is a monocoque constructed frame, composed of high-performance carbon fiber and resin. This gives it a stiff, lightweight, and safe construction in line with safety rules and regulations.

That rear swing-arm is composed the exact same way, so you can be sure it’ll handle your trailing and enduro needs. Honestly, this sort of construction usually results in a frame and swing arm that is lighter than the added components on the bike.

If you don’t think that’s enough, here’s another hook. The head-tube and seat-tube angles can be adjusted to allow you to fine-tune your ride just how you like it. Two positions allow you to adapt to open terrain and tracks, or tight trails and single-track routes.

The next important aspect of a bike like this is the suspension. At the front we find top-of-the-line Fox 36 Live Valve with a 44mm offset and 150 mm of travel. A 15x110 Kabolt thru axel completes the mix, custom tuned for Giant. At the rear we’ll find another Fox Float DPX2 185/55 also custom tuned for Giant. If you have no idea what Live Valve is, I'll be brief. It’s an electronically controlled suspension system chalk-full of sensors and a controller that does what you want it to.

As with most bikes of this standard, Shimano isn’t missing from the mix. They’re taking care of what they know best, shifters, derailleurs, brakes, brake levers, chain, and crankset, the majority of which are from their Deore line.

Giant’s TRX line complete the rims, hubs, and spokes for the wheel system. Tire control and grip is provided by Maxxis Minion DHF 29-inch (73.6 cm) rubber on the front with a Maxxis Dissector 29-inch (73.6 cm) tubeless at the rear.

If you have any doubts that this beast is ready to handle whatever you through in her way, take into consideration that she has rock guards, to help protect the frame in case you figure out a way to bottom her out.

My personal recommendation is to buy something like this only if you know how to handle one. It’s like the Lambo of enduro biking.


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