Kimberley Kruiser S-Class Trailer Camper Takes Luxury and Comfort to the Next Level

Living in a mobile home, whether for a weekend or permanently, certainly isn't for everybody. However, it helps to have the amenities you typically find in a home. Of course, a well-equipped vehicle usually comes at a higher cost. Today, I'd like to present a luxurious camper that's priced on the higher side but comes with all the things you need to hit the road: the Kimberley Kruiser S-Class.
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Photo: Kimberley Kampers
Kruiser S-ClassKruiser S-ClassKruiser S-ClassKruiser S-ClassKruiser S-ClassKruiser S-ClassKruiser S-ClassKruiser S-ClassKruiser S-ClassKruiser S-ClassKruiser S-ClassKruiser S-ClassKruiser S-ClassKruiser S-ClassKruiser S-Class
What do you think about when you hear Australia? Well, personally, the first things that come to mind are rugged off-road campers. We're all familiar with the challenging Australian environment, so of course, Aussies need capable vehicles if they wish to explore their country. In fact, Kimberley Kampers' name is inspired by an area within Australia called the Kimberley – it's an immense landscape full of gorges, waterfalls, and beaches. But as beautiful as this area is, it's just as challenging to access. This inspired the company to create a range of vehicles that can tackle this kind of environment and provide the comforts and convenience of a home.

And that's how Kimberley Kampers was born in 1994 – since then, more than 8,000 vehicles have been delivered to owners worldwide. The company claims more than 95% of these units are still in use today; that's an impressive statistic. Furthermore, more than 45% of owners trade up to a new Kimberley Kamper when the time comes to upgrade – that speaks volumes for the company's dedication, attention to detail, as well as customer satisfaction.

Oh, by the way, there's a significant advantage for this brand – most Aussie companies are limited to local deliveries. Kimberley Kampers have delivered to 17 countries worldwide, including the United States.

The brand has divided its vehicles into three categories: campers, hybrids, and caravans. This isn't the first time I've covered a product from Kimberley Kampers – the last one I discussed is the Kruiser E-Class, the top-of-the-range. The one I'm presenting today is the company's entry-level caravan, the Kruiser S-Class, which is also the smallest in the range.

Kruiser S\-Class
Photo: Kimberley Kampers
The Kruiser S-Class is available in two versions: Classic and S3. Before we go any further, let me tell you how much you can expect to pay for this mobile home. The Classic variant comes at a base price of $103,899 or A$122,890, while the S3 costs $136,268 or A$157,250, excluding fees, registration costs, or shipping. That's quite a hefty price tag, but let's see if it's justified.

Both Kruiser S-Class variants come in four floor plans, sleeping from two to six people. Today, I'll be covering the two-person floor plan, but keep in mind that if you're looking to hit the road with your family, Kimberley Kampers has you covered.

Even though this trailer is relatively compact, it maximizes the available space. The S-Class measures 6,640 mm (261 inches) in length and 2,270 mm (89 inches) in width, with a height of 2,890 mm (114 inches). It's built out of high-grade alloy, high molecular weight thermoplastic, and marine-grade stainless steel, all combined into a lightweight build. To be specific, it has a tare weight of 1,950 kg (4,299 lbs.), but it can carry up to 975 kg (2,150 lbs.), making its ATM (Aggregated Total Mass) 2,925 kg (6,449 lbs.).

Kimberley has used 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) to create strong interlocking tabs for its vehicles' bodies and laser-cutting to achieve maximum accuracy and build precision. This also applies to the Kruiser S-Class - its body sits on hybrid alloy and galvanized steel chassis.

Kruiser S\-Class
Photo: Kimberley Kampers
As I mentioned above, this RV is meant to tackle challenging environments – a critical component that allows for this capability is the suspension. It features custom air springs connected to a remote control and big 2-inch mono-tube off-road racing shocks, with the possibility of upgrading to Kings Racing Shox.

Many Aussie trailer campers, such as the Provincial Senator, come with a similar design, looking like a box on wheels. Well, the Kruiser campers stand out with modern, almost spaceship-inspired styling.

I'll start by presenting the exterior features of this deluxe trailer camper, from its front to the back. There's a front storage box where you can also find all the electrical componentry, such as airbag controls, a 12 V isolator switch, a 2,600 W inverter, a charger, and a 240 V fuse box.

Another key detail, especially compared to its larger sibling, the Kruiser E-Class, is that this RV comes with a spacious tunnel boot, which the E-Class lacks. It's the perfect place to store a foldable table, chairs, poles, and whatever you need to set up your space outside.

Kruiser S\-Class
Photo: Kimberley Kampers
Enjoyable outdoor living for its customers is something that Kimberley Kampers keeps in mind regarding their vehicles – on the trailer's side, you'll find an outdoor cooking setup in the form of a slide-out kitchen. It comes equipped with a sink system, a two-burner gas stove, and a portable induction cooker powered by a nearby plug.

So, imagine you just found a quaint spot outdoors – you can park the trailer, remove the seats and table from the tunnel boot, slide out the kitchen and get on cooking. If the weather isn't too friendly, you can pull out an awning that covers a significant part of the trailer's side.

Another useful exterior feature you can find on all Kimberley campers is a positive pressure fill for the water tanks. Using a simple manifold, you can select which tank you want to fill – it also allows water to be pulled from a stream and directed to the hot water system to be used in an outdoor shower.

Let's move on inside, where you can really tell how this camper takes luxury to the next level. As soon as you enter, you'll notice the S-Class interior looks like a high-end studio. I'll start with the bedroom area, which you can discover toward the front of the interior.

Kruiser S\-Class
Photo: Kimberley Kampers
One of the defining traits of this mobile home is maximizing the space available for storage. This detail is also reflected in the bedroom area – by lifting the queen bed, you'll discover boot spaces on each side and two drawers in the center. Furthermore, you can use the hanging spaces on each side of the bed to store your clothes, as well as boot spaces above the head, where you can put some of your books, make-up, and other small stuff.

For convenience, you'll find USB outlets to charge your devices and magazine racks on each wall beside the bed. A nice touch is that you have a drink bottle holder right next to the bed, something you don't see on many campers.

Besides the bedroom, the lounge area and kitchen are where you'll spend most of your time inside this RV. The space is nicely arranged not to feel cramped, and the sizeable windows add to the feeling of openness. You can even open them wide to let some clean airflow inside.

Even though you have cooking options outside, this trailer camper is still fitted with a premium indoor kitchen. It features a sink, all sorts of storage options in the form of cabinets, drawers, a pantry, a portable single-plate induction cooktop, and a 34-gallon (130-liter) fridge with a freezer section.

Kruiser S\-Class
Photo: Kimberley Kampers
The lounge area offers plenty of space for two people to sit together and enjoy a meal, watch some TV, or work on their laptops, and the table is easily adjustable. Customization is also possible – you can choose between 14 colors for the cushions' vegan leather, or you can opt for genuine leather for an extra cost (it's standard for the S-Class S3 variant).

Lastly, the bathroom comes with a shower separated by a sliding door, a waterless composting toilet, and a sink, surrounded by many storage spaces. A critical feature is a washing machine, which is always nice to have.

Before I wrap things up, I'd like to mention some utility systems and features that make life more enjoyable in the Kruiser S-Class. The RV is fitted with a 200 Ah battery pack as standard for the Classic version, with the possibility of upgrading. 300 W ultra-thin roof solar panels also provide power to the vehicle.

You'll also find a diesel air heater system, a diesel water heater, and a dual hot water system with 18-gallon (68-liter) front and 32-gallon (121-liter) rear tanks. You can monitor them, as well as battery capacity and current voltage, on the Smart Touch Screen system.

Kruiser S\-Class
Photo: Kimberley Kampers
Keep in mind that there are genuinely too many features for me to list here, especially for the better-equipped S3 version. If you'd like to learn more about the Kruiser S-Class, you can check out Kimberley Karavans' website. Whether you want to hit the road on the weekend, move into it full-time or escape from society and adopt an off-grid lifestyle, the Kruiser S-Class is an excellent option, especially if you're not that limited financially.
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Editor's note: Some of the mentioned features can only be found on the Kruiser S-Class S3 version.

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