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The Infamous Amadea With U.S. Marshals On Board Sailing to an Unusual Destination

Until the war in Ukraine broke out, Amadea was known as one of the most spectacular superyachts in operation, with its unique deck design and incredible amenities. After the Fiji episode, it has become one of the most infamous sanctioned superyachts and one that the U.S. won’t forget too soon.
Amadea is apparently headed towards Hawaii, with U.S. authorities on board 8 photos
Amadea SuperyachtAmadea SuperyachtAmadea SuperyachtAmadea SuperyachtAmadea SuperyachtAmadea SuperyachtAmadea Superyacht
Many luxury vessels with Russian ties were seized so far in various parts of the world, but few became as controversial as the $300 million Amadea. Its saga continues, even after the U.S. authorities were finally given the green light to sail it away from Fiji after months of a legal battle. Once it left the Pacific island, a new chapter has begun for the 348-footer (106 meters) built by the prestigious Lurssen shipyard.

Who would have thought, a few months ago, that this mysterious superyacht that was privately used would end up sailing away with U.S. marshals and the FBI on board? Even more unusual is its apparent destination. According to eSysman SuperYachts, data from maritime tracking platforms indicates that Suleiman Kerimov’s former pleasure craft might be heading towards Hawaii – a destination that would have been highly unusual under the previous Russian ownership.

In addition to the U.S. authorities, the ship is most likely traveling with a new, hired crew. That’s because even the previous captain and crew members refused to cooperate with them while still in Fiji, arguing that they must stay loyal to the yacht’s owner.

If things weren’t complicated enough, only after two appeals, a court in Fiji granted the U.S. the right to take Amadea away. It had been months earlier, but unable to move until the legal battle was over. Finally, things came to a head last week, and the luxury vessel has been cruising since then. Whether Hawaii is the final destination and what’s next for the massive “trophy” yacht is still unknown. What’s certain is that the saga continues.


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