The Indian Version of Pimp My Ride Puts Lambo Doors on Crappy Suzuki Sedan

The Indian Version of Pimp My Ride Puts Lambo Doors on Crappy Suzuki Sedan 1 photo
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It's kind of embarrassing to watch Pimp My Ride nowadays. Xzibit's jokes are weird, the customization process is as mature as Rugrats and, of course, there's that little problem of the show being fake.
One guy that had his car tricked out said they installed a candy machine on it because he was overweight, even though he didn't enjoy eating sweets. Numerous other folks have revealed that the most expensive speakers and screens were removed by WCC once filming was over, sometimes leaving their cars with gaping holes.

Still, Pimp My Ride inspired a generation of petrolheads from across the world. Spinners and body kits have largely gone out of fashion, but the Indians don't feel the same way. They grew up loving the American show and still think it's the bee's knees.

This television show is like Pimp My Ride with a Hindu twist. Instead of beat-up old Neons and Civics, you get a Maruti Baleno. Even the name of the car is funny, but wait until you see what they do with it.

With a perfect poker face, the owner of this auto shop turns the sedan into "a fancy sportscar." The only things fancy about it are the words that are being used to describe it. After Lamborghini-style doors are joined to this pseudo-Japanese embarrassment, paint is applied.

No mask for the airbrush guy? No matter! And just when you start thinking that it can't get any worse, some stickers are put on. They include racing stripes, leaping animals and all sorts of logos this car doesn't need, such as "turbo" and "drift."

We're not even sure about those custom speaks since one of the stickers on the car reads "JVC The Perfect Experiance," which is not how you're supposed to spell experience.

"These are special rotational tires. They are meant for really high-speed driving. They will make you go really fast without ever losing grip," says the owner of the shop to the victim of this car pimping. Really?!

At the end of the day, those big speakers, bumpers and wheels probably make the little Maruti sedan even slower than it was at the beginning. But don't tell the owner that!

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