The Hyundai IONIQ 2 Is a Mash-Up of the IONIQ 6 and the Volkswagen Beetle

Hyundai IONIQ 2, Theottle's mash-up of the Volkswagen Beetle and the Hyundai IONIQ 6 7 photos
Photo: Theottle
Hyundai IONIQ 2, Theottle's mash-up of the Volkswagen Beetle and the Hyundai IONIQ 6Hyundai IONIQ 2, Theottle's mash-up of the Volkswagen Beetle and the Hyundai IONIQ 6Hyundai IONIQ 116, the upside-down *Porsche 911Hyundai IONIQ 116, the upside-down *Porsche 911Hyundai IONIQ 6 SW by TheottleHyundai IONIQ 6 SW by Theottle
Hyundai has plans to present a B-segment electric car to sell in Europe for around €20,000 ($20,391 at the current exchange rate). The IONIQ 2 (or whatever Hyundai decides to call it) should be roomy and capable, but what if it was a mash-up of the Volkswagen Beetle and the IONIQ 6? As crazy as the idea sounds, that’s precisely what Theottle offered us with his last work.
The rendering artist saw similarities between the two vehicles, possibly caused by their rear ends, and considered joining them in new images. To achieve the best result, Theottle took the last Beetle to be produced and extended its wheelbase for it to offer more room to rear passengers. That was also a way to make the IONIQ 6 fit this basis without looking odd.

Preserving the Beetle’s greenhouse, Theottle adapted the IONIQ 6 side, front, and roof to the Volkswagen images. Checking the final result, it looks so natural that it may seem that there was hardly any work in creating these images. We recommend that you watch the video below not to believe that: Theottle had a lot of work making this Beetle from Hyundai seem so convincing.

The third-generation Beetle was built over the PQ35 platform and had a 99.9-inch (2.54-meter) wheelbase. The IONIQ 6 has a 116.1-in (2.95-m) wheelbase. There’s a 16.2-in (41-centimeter) difference. Supposing Theottle extended it halfway, the IONIQ 2 would have a 108-in (2.74-m) wheelbase, which is pretty decent for any car. The hypothetical EV would only have to be classified as something else: a C-segment vehicle instead of belonging to the B-segment.

If such a vehicle were ever built, it would definitely need a frunk. The rear cargo compartment would be small due to the droopy trunk lid. Another issue this car would have is that it would not be as aerodynamic as the IONIQ 6. That said, this Beetle shape would not help it be a better product. Hyundai would also not be able to explore the similarities. Or would it? Volkswagen has yet to complain or sue Great Wall for the Punk Cat or Ballet Cat.

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Editor's note: The gallery contains other renderings from Theottle based on the IONIQ 6.

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