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The Hyundai City of the Future Offers a Glimpse of Safer and Happier Lives
What started as just a worrisome discussion among scientists in the 80s is starting to become a tangible and viable solution for climate change in 2022. HMG Smart City is the first 100 percent sustainable urban settlement concept, for a completely new way of living on Earth.

The Hyundai City of the Future Offers a Glimpse of Safer and Happier Lives

Hyundai Motor Group Presents HMG Smart City Vision at 2022 World Cities SummitHyundai Motor Group Presents HMG Smart City Vision at 2022 World Cities SummitHMG's vision of Smart CityHMG's vision of Smart CityHMG's vision of Smart CityHMG's vision of Smart CityIONIQ 5-based robotaxiHyundai Motor Group's Supernal Unveils eVTOL Vehicle Cabin Concept at 2022 Farnborough International Airshow
Imagine that you go to work on a sunny day without a bit of crowding, that no one is in a hurry and everything is organized on time, that everywhere you look you see natural landscapes and everyone is smiling in a city that they love. It might seem like a fantasy, but there are people for whom dreams are just a launching pad. Hyundai Motor Group is a company that has turned its attention to this happy scenario, with the aim of building the city that everyone loves.

Unveiled for the first time at the 2022 World Cities Summit in Singapore, HMG Smart City represents a most elaborate sustainable urban project, designed to bring a new vision to the world. It will become the starting point for a new journey, where technology meets nature, and humans are positioned in the middle of the two. The concept is created around the idea of integrating humanity into nature, instead of destroying nature to integrate humanity, and aided in this endeavor by technology.

The future city is seen in a hexagonal shape made up of two layers, following the honeycomb pattern. The surface layer consists mostly of parks and forests located in the center of the area, on the edge of which the buildings are located. The buildings, on the other hand, will be built in three sections, dispersing the population according to the density levels (high, medium and low), and decreasing close to the park for everyone to have a 360 degree view of nature.

There will also be a hierarchization of the buildings for a better flow of movement. The representative buildings of the city will be positioned in the area with high density, thus leaving the security infrastructure to be placed in the lower area, allowing easy access anywhere in the city.

As for the second layer, the entire transport system of goods and services will carry out its activities underground, fulfilling the needs of the city with the help of autonomous mobility, autonomous robots and automated logistics hubs. This will decongest the traffic on the surface, thus avoiding the pollution caused by vehicles.

Looking up, advanced air mobility will integrate into normal life, providing Hub 2.0 towers for AAM vehicles to land and take off. Therefore, the way from home to work and vice versa will be easy like on a Sunday morning, just one AAM port away from the other building.

As for resources, the city will have a natural water reservoir available, and the electricity in the city will be provided by hydrogen fuel cell generators. In fact, Hyundai Motor Group unveiled in 2021 its hydrogen strategy with the aim of popularizing hydrogen until 2040 towards a carbon-neutral society.

Since 2020, Hyundai Motor Group has pushed towards a future when humanity, nature and technology coexist harmoniously and efficiently, without harming each other. They also plan to bring as many governments as possible in this initiative to revolutionize cities, as well as the implementation of smart mobility solutions as soon as possible. The robotaxi and eVTOL are some of the demonstrative examples of Hyundai's intentions to alter the mobility of the future.

"In the future smart cities, our ambition is for humankind to live with nature while embracing technology. Our air and ground mobility solutions will redefine urban boundaries, connect people in meaningful ways, and revitalize cities,”
said Youngcho Chi, Hyundai Motor Group President and Chief Innovation Officer.

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