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The Hügge Home Is a Head-Turner with Stylish and Unique Design
Tiny house living helps you escape from more than just a large mortgage hanging over your head – it allows you the ultimate freedom of exploration and travelling without the need to even pack your bags. All the better if you can do this in a sturdy and beautifully-designed tiny home such as the Hügge Home we are taking a tour of in this piece.

The Hügge Home Is a Head-Turner with Stylish and Unique Design

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Hügge Home is a tiny house on wheels developed by the well-known Canada-based manufacturer Tiny Healthy Homes, spearheaded by Ben Garratt. They are known to build miniature houses from all natural, non-toxic, repurposed and salvaged materials.

The name of this model, Hügge, is a Danish word that describes a feeling or moment of contentment or well-being. And that perfectly describes the Hügge Home.

While most tiny home models feature a basic structure, the Hügge Home stands out from the crowd with its unique structural design. What stands out the most the first time you lay eyes on it is the wavy roof, but there are plenty of other features that add to the aesthetic value of this tiny house on wheels.

Crafted based on innovative principles for creating sustainable living spaces, such as permaculture and Fibonacci design principles, the Hügge Home has a well-thought-out structure that combines engineering and décor.

The elegant exterior look is achieved through the color scheme of choice, the combination of materials used, as well as lots of large windows. The manufacturer used blue standing seam metal, along with “open joint” barnwood siding for the exterior.

The interior is just as pleasantly-looking, but also cosy and practical. Plenty of natural light gets in through the large windows in all of the rooms.

Speaking of the “rooms,” know that the Hügge Home features quite a commodious layout, including a large kitchen, a relaxing area, two bedroom lofts, and a bathroom.

The relaxing area is on the main floor and includes a cosy couch for watching TV or taking a nap in the afternoon. The kitchen is located at the other end of the house and is equipped with everything you need: electric oven, a beetle kill blue pine counter with sink, cabinets, drawers, and a 2-burner cooktop. Where is the frigde, you might ask? Well, there is a fridge, and given it is a regular size one, it has been placed under the stairs that lead to one of the two bedroom lofts.

Moving on to the bedroom lofts, these have sufficient room to house two people each, large double-pane windows, and come with ample storage options. The walls are painted white pine. The salvaged Oak curvy ceiling is best seen from this area of the house.

Finally, the bathroom features pebble floor, beautiful tiled walls, a custom soaker tub/shower, and a Seperett toilet.

All of this is crammed into a 250 square feet area whose potential was used to the max. Proper organization and architectural intelligence has made it all possible. The smart use of the limited space allows the potential residents of the Hügge Home to live a convenient life on the road, with every amenity they would otherwise enjoy in a conventional house.

Pricing for this extremely desirable tiny house starts at US $99,000, according to the manufacturer’s website, but that’s without the curvy roof. But who wouldn’t want that unique architectural detail on their tiny house? In that case, be prepared to shed around $120,000 from your bank account.

It will be all worth it, as you are unlikely to ever get homesick because your beautiful home will be with you wherever you go. The bad news is that the manufacturer only ships this tiny house model to USA and Canada.

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