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The Honda FK8 Civic Type R Touring Race Car Makes You Want to Hide Your Kids

The new Honda Civic Type R is the current fastest front-wheel-drive production car around the Nurburgring with a lap time of 7:43.8 seconds, having stolen the title from the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S last year.
Honda Civic Type R Touring Car 7 photos
Honda Civic Type R Touring CarHonda Civic Type R Touring CarHonda Civic Type R Touring CarHonda Civic Type R Touring CarHonda Civic Type R Touring CarHonda Civic Type R Touring Car
Despite this impressive performance, the Japanese hot hatch has had a mixed welcome, with almost all the negativity coming from its dubious exterior styling. It's a love it or hate it affair, and a lot of people couldn't help fall into the latter category.

Honda went for a very busy appearance with lots of creases, bits of plastic trim, fake air inlets and the lot. It was a toy-like look, and even though that's roughly what all hot hatches are, it seemed as though the Civic Type R went a little overboard.

Well, it definitely seems that the same exaggerated design was a great starting point for this touring version of the hatch. The FK8 Civic Type R will race in the British Touring Car Championship starting this season, which debuts on April 7 at Brands Hatch, and if you ever needed a reason to start watching BTCC, now you have it.

Unfortunately, the matte black paint job (or rather wrap job) will probably make way for the usual racing decals, but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy its menacing presence as it laps the Castelloli track in preparation for the new season.

The transformation is beyond skin deep, but let's linger on the exterior shell for a bit more. All that craziness that looks out of place on the street feels right at home on a circuit, boosted even further by the flared arches and the lowered suspension. The FK8 Civic Type R also received a considerably bigger rear wing for that final touch.

Underneath the hood is the same 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, except here it makes over 350 horsepower. The power is sent through a six-speed sequential box to the front wheels, and while that isn't exactly spelling "racy," tell it to the Nurburgring record lap.

“This next generation Honda Civic Type R is fantastic and the guys have pulled out all the stops to get us to this point,” said driver Matt Neal. “I can’t wait to jump in and get out on track this week. If the car goes as fast as it looks then we’ll be in great shape this season!” Well, we totally get where that's coming from, Matt.


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