A full set of Harley-Davidson costs as little as $365
If you’ve been watching what Harley-Davidson was up to these past few weeks, then you know from November 23 to December 4 it ran its very own Black Friday. It was not meant for motorcycles, sadly, but the very next best thing, accessories.

The Holiday Season’s Hottest Harley-Davidson Gift Ideas for Her, Price Cuts Inside

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Harley’s Black Friday is now over, so if you missed the price cuts, tough luck. But another, significantly more important moment lies ahead, and that’s Christmas. And this celebration always kicked Black Friday’s behind when it comes to spending.

So, we thought it’s best to update you a bit on what you can get your hands on this holiday season here in America, if something Harley is what you’re after for self or others. Again, this will not be about motorcycles, as few of us can afford gifting a full-size two-wheeler. And we also added a twist, as this time we’ll be covering what Harley has to offer for female riders.

A quick search on the bike maker’s website reveals there’s something for every occasion, from jackets and vests to all sorts of unrelated accessories. In this piece, we’ll focus on the full motorcycle’s gear.

And we’ll start, obviously, with riding boots. Harley presently lists no less than 70 types of boots on its website, with prices ranging from $76 for the Lalanne double strap to $295 for the Quest Outdry.

Quest Outdry boots
There are in all seven colors to choose from and 18 sizes (ranging from 5 to 42). Most of them come in black, obviously, but one does get a single white (Tressler 5-inch), a single grey (Pearson 7-inch), and a single off-white (Marconi) boot pair.

What’s important to note is that all boots offered at the time of writing by Harley come with significant price cuts, most of them going as high as 50 percent off the regular sticker.

When it comes to pants, jeans is the language Harley speaks. There are no less than 26 products in the inventory, with prices ranging from $40 for the pocket striped knit legging all the way to $295 for the Armalith denim.

Try as you might, you’ll find few price cuts here, but given how they’re attached to the more expensive ones (at times $50 off), one could easily find something suitable. Sadly, only two colors are on deck, black and blue (with various adornments for each), but plenty of sizes to choose from.

Passage Adventure jacket
No less than 63 riding jackets are on deck to choose from, starting with the $62.50 FXRG jacket liner and ending with the intimidating-looking Passage Adventure, priced at no less than $800. There are price cuts to be had in this category as well, including some impressive ones that bring the cost of jackets down by $220 (H-D Triple vent) or even over $400 (leather jacket petite).

No fewer than 14 jacket colors are available to choose from, in a number of sizes, and with a number of features, from abrasion resistance and armor to windproof and vented.

Riders’ heads can be nicely tucked inside a huge choice of helmets. If you go through the impressive list of Harley head protection gear, you’ll find anything from half-helmets and open-face ones to full-face and modular gear, equipped or not with the most modern technologies. The most expensive, the Passage Adventure J10, sells for $575, while the cheapest comes in at $49.75 (the Needles Highway B01, now cut from $199).

And, to complete the list of rider-mandatory gear, we’ll tell you Harley offers 32 glove choices, going from $30 to $250, and available in six colors.

So, if you happen to be a woman looking to gift herself new gear for the upcoming riding season, or someone willing to gift one such gear, there are plenty of options you can choose from.

Passage Adventure J10 modular helmet
We must admit, we chose the easy way out this time, and decided to give you an idea of what you could get by going for the cheapest and most expensive combinations.

On the budget front, the least expensive Harley gear you get your hands on and still not be thought of less by other riders comes in at $365. Not at all expensive, if you think about it, especially considering how our selection includes the Lalanne double strap riding boots, boot cut embellished mid-rise jeans, line stitcher leather jacket (this one coming with a huge price cut from $425 to $106), Stinger B14 full-face helmet, and Astor mixed media gloves.

At the opposite end, you’ll need to dish out $2,215, if you go for the Quest Outdry boots, FXRG Armalith Denim jeans, Passage Adventure jacket, Passage Adventure J10 modular helmet, and Passage Adventure Gauntlet gloves, like we did in our selection.

As all of you know, when it comes to winter holiday shopping the devil can be found between the cheapest and most expensive options, and it’s there where most of us waste time and money. So, enjoy your Christmas shopping, and remember to come back here from time to time in search of new ideas.


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