The Hoff Gets Fined at Gumball, Tells Cops It's KITT’s Fault

One of the celebrities of this year’s Gumball 3000 rally, David Hasselhoff got the ticket for putting his foot down on the gas just a bit too hard while driving the KITT on British soil. The famous race is at its 6th day and will end the remaining European leg tomorrow, when all the 100 supercars will get to Ibiza.
David Hasselhoff with Xzibit on the hood of the KITT 1 photo
This year The Hoff has been driving his custom Nissan GT-R all wrapped in the famous KITT features. The 61-year old actor was one of the many famous people participating on the Gumball 3000 rally, arriving in London, on Sunday.

One of the regular racers participating at the famous race taking place on two continents during 7 days, Hasselhoff told British reporters he didn’t manage to get away from the cops that stopped him for speeding. Despite admitting he had been able to talk his way out of tickets on previous years, this time he couldn’t make it.

The Hoff told Daily Mail reporters at the event: “Police pulled me over, for speeding. Normally on Gumball, when I get pulled over by the police, I have a photo with them and they let me off. But not this year. I told them it wasn’t my fault, because KITT drives itself.”


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