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The Google Maps Power: London’s Crossrail Is Already on the Map

We’ve known for a while that Google Maps is incredibly accurate, but here’s something many people didn’t probably expect.
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The Crossrail, also referred to as the Elizabeth Line, is projected to open on May 24 but is already available on Google Maps, therefore providing us with a closer look at London’s ambitious construction project.

Opening with a more than three-year delay, the Crossrail will connect Essex and Berkshire, essentially providing Londoners with a more convenient way to go from east to west across London.

The 118-km (73-mile) railway is a project whose construction started, well, back in 2009 and is considered one of the most ambitious projects, not only in the United Kingdom but in Europe as well. It’ll open on May 24 when the first train will leave Abbey Wood.

As said, the Crossrail is already available on Google Maps, and given it’s a new railway, the application will certainly come in handy to those having trouble discovering the route and the available stations.

If anything, it’s believed the full railway won’t be open until May next year, so Google Maps should be a valuable resource, given going from one end to the other isn’t yet possible.

If you’re surprised that the Crossrail is already on Google Maps, well, don’t be. The application is one of the most accurate resources when it comes to exploring the world, and its large team of map editors is doing an amazing job of keeping everything up-to-date.

Such a large project was obviously considered a top priority, and this is probably the reason the Elizabeth line can already be inspected in detail from the comfort of your own mobile device. Most likely, additional information will be provided in the coming days and weeks, as the railway becomes available for all Londoners and users can upload their own information and media content.


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