The Glamorous Essex Dazzles With a Lavish Living Room and Huge Deck

To say that the Essex tiny house is a head-turner would be an understatement. One of the newest designs on the tiny house market, this beautifully-crafted home on wheels is unexpectedly stylish and elegant. No cheap materials, unnecessary design tweaks, or poor-quality appliances – Essex is all about luxury while fully embodying sustainability and freedom.
Essex is a luxurious, glamorous tiny house designed in the UK 24 photos
Photo: Tiny House Pro
Essex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny HouseEssex Tiny House
Statistics can only confirm the obvious – the tiny house market keeps growing everywhere in the world. There are plenty of well-established builders in places like the US and UK, where this alternative housing movement has deeper roots. Still, there’s enough room (and demand) for newcomers.

Tiny House Pro is one of the youngest companies in this sector. It officially kicked off operations in England just a year ago, with a very attractive product range. Gencaga Vural and Alex Savva joined forces to set up a building business that can help people enjoy all the benefits of top-quality housing at affordable costs while respecting the environment and enhancing mobility.

The Essex is the most luxurious design in the Tiny House Pro portfolio, and it shows. In terms of size, it boasts the largest dimensions allowed for it to comply with road legality standards. This means a maximum length of eight meters (26 feet, nine meters/29.5 feet with the drawbar), a 2.5-meter (8.2 feet) width, and a four-meter (13 feet) height. At this size, the Essex offers enough space for a kitchen, a generous living room, and a loft bedroom for one or two people.

Essex Tiny House
Photo: Tiny House Pro
A lot of tiny houses sacrifice the living area space, but not Essex. When you walk through the door, you'll notice an elegant hallway or lounge area separating the kitchen and bathroom section from the living room. The windows play an important part in making this room highly attractive. You've got three large ones at the end of the house (which also create a lovely look from the outside) and two more on one of the side walls. This translates to abundant natural light, fresh air, and great views.

A large, inviting sofa fits in perfectly; there's enough room for additional furniture and a wall-mounted TV. The kitchen is packed with appliances, including a four-burner stove and electric oven. The discrete cabinets and additional storage space incorporated in the staircase keep the area clutter-free and well-organized.

Essex raises the bar in terms of bathroom luxury with high-quality materials and a glam design. Having enough space inside a tiny house bathroom for a fancy bathtub is a luxury in itself. Still, the Essex Tiny is flexible enough to integrate a regular shower instead of that if customers prefer so.

Flexibility is also important when it comes to upstairs access. The standard Essex comes with a massive staircase that allows generous storage. However, future owners can opt for a simple ladder with three points of contact for added safety. The main benefit is freeing up more space in the kitchen for a longer countertop or even a breakfast bar.

Essex Tiny House
Photo: Tiny House Pro
Essex makes the most of its main floor, so the loft bedroom stays minimal, with only enough space for a two-person bed and a single window. The layout is basic, but enjoying standing room in a tiny house loft bedroom is the most important thing, in addition to ventilation and light.

This beautiful tiny house, inspired by traditional farmhouses, is as welcoming on the outside as it is on the inside. A surprisingly large deck is the outdoor equivalent of its inviting and stylish living room. Large enough for generous seating and even an extra table, it's the perfect spot for socializing and enjoying spending more time with family and friends. After all, downsizing and reducing living costs are also supposed to invite more fun and closeness into our lives.

Despite the sophisticated appearance, Essex is a mobile home all the way. It's designed to travel easily and to go off-grid when needed. The off-grid package, which includes solar panels, a composting toilet, and water tanks, adds £20,000 (almost $25,000) to the final price. Still, it's worth it for those who plan to travel frequently or to live in remote locations.

Other optional features include underfloor heating and insect window screens. Future owners get to personalize each Tiny House Pro design but to a certain degree. That's because one of the co-founders has experienced tiny living and used that to establish a common foundation for all his designs. The good part is that customers needn't worry about the quality of the materials. This British brand is committed to using only solid timber and plywood and no vinyl or MDF, which is also a plus in terms of durability.

Essex Tiny House
Photo: Tiny House Pro
As for pricing, the Essex Tiny starts at £59,000 ($73,000), but all the customizations plus the off-grid package can bring that closer to $100,000. Remember that this is the most luxurious option in the Tiny House Pro range, so you'd get the best of everything wrapped up in a house on wheels that looks just as good as a traditional one. Still, there are more affordable options as well because the ultimate goal is to make sustainable living accessible to everyone.
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