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The German Aerospace Center Is Showcasing Its Humanoid Robots at automatica 2022

Robotics enthusiasts can check out the latest innovations at the popular automatica event, taking place in Munich this month. The DLR (German Aerospace Center) Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics has some cool robots and technologies to display.
Rollin' Justin is a humanoid robot developed by DLR 6 photos
Factory of the FutureHybrid GripperSMILE2gether ProjectRollin' JustinRollin' Justin
Rollin’ Justin and David aren’t new, but for the first time, DLR wants to enhance their capabilities via a remote control center. These assistance robots with anthropomorphic features are meant to improve the lives of people with physical disabilities.

DLR’s new Smile2gether project is researching the addition of a control center that would coordinate the two robots remotely, to make them even more efficient. David is currently still a torso with a head and arms, but DLR continues to develop it into a full-sized humanoid robot.

Rollin’ Justin sports long arms with four-finger hands, and is capable of moving over a long range. The size of a human (1.90 meters/6.2 feet), it weighs 200 kg (440 lbs), equipped with several sensors and cameras. In addition to helping people with disabilities, it can perform household chores, and even assist astronauts.

Another new project is called “Factory of the Future.” Following the growing trend of using highly-skilled robots to streamline production processes in various industries, DLR came up with the idea of “reconfigurable workstations” with a modular design.

Each one includes a support structure and the SARA robotic arm, and together, all the units would form “a flexible production network.” As DLR explains, this system would be able to configure itself independently, in terms of position. And that’s not all. A swarm of mobile robots that are capable of cooperating would also be part of the vision for efficient production.

Another fresh product developed by the DLR Institute of Robotics is the Hybrid Compliant Gripper that looks somewhat like a bizarre hand with only two fingers. It also boasts a vacuum gripper that enables it to grab objects from above, a useful feature for logistics applications.

The DLR robots are currently displayed at automatica 2022, until June 24.

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