The G-Shock Off-Roading Machine Is More Like a Home on Wheels, Not a Travel Trailer

One of my favorite sayings is "Go big or go home." well, if we apply this to the Overlanding RV scene, things get really out of hand, in the sense that some amazing machines begin to take hold. This idea forced me to bring to light the G-Shock, a habitat like few others around.
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G-Shock Caravan InteriorG-Shock Caravan InteriorG-Shock CaravanG-Shock CaravanG-Shock CaravanG-Shock CaravanG-Shock Caravan InteriorG-Shock Caravan Interior
Folks, the machine in question today has been dubbed the G-Shock. It's the handiwork of none other than Yonder Caravans, an Australian crew that's been in this business for over 15 years. Any team that manages to stay alive for this long in a cutthroat market like that of the land down under has to be doing something right. Well, let's use the G-Shock as the perfect example of what this crew can do.

Now, like most camper manufacturers on the market, Yonder offers the G-Shock in an array of floorplans, but there are so many that it would be sheer madness to try and run through them all. In short, they have a unit for just about any traveler or adventurer out there. On average, however, up to 2,800 kg (6,174 lbs) is how much you'll be towing along. Some units top out at 3,500 kg (7,716 lbs). The longest habitat is also 23 ft (7 m) in length.

As I mentioned, there are clear reasons why I felt obliged to bring this lineup to light, and part of the story has to do with the way these babies are crafted and the level of abuse they can handle. For example, a Cruisemaster XT suspension is in place with dual shock absorbers per trailing arm. Throw on 16 in alloy wheels and heavy-duty off-road tires, and you're looking at a base designed to really take you places, whether roads exist or not.

G\-Shock Caravan
Photo: trippintothemacs
Heck, I want you to picture yourself driving along some coastal roads, and all of a sudden, you decide to take a left turn and head towards the beach, and no, there is no road here; you're cutting across small sand dunes, muddy pits, vegetation, you name it. Don't worry; the body is protected by rock guards around the shell's lower half. Once you've found that promised land, you stop, get out to stretch your legs and start unraveling your campsite. Yes, right there on the beach. The beauty of an all-road machine.

From here, I need to remind you that the G-Shock is considered a fully off-grid-worthy machine, and that means a few things for future would-be owners. That said, what are the two most important systems adventures need when hitting the open road? If you answered solar power and plenty of water, you'd be correct; you can hunt for food if needed.

With that in mind, be happy to know that as standard, up to three 95 l (25 gals) freshwater tanks are in place, or just two on some models, and then 570 W of solar panel power is also standard. Two 200 A batteries, BMS, DC-DC charger, and countless sockets complete the electrical, not to mention LED lighting and internal and external speakers.

Once you've stabilized your unit and finally detached your vehicle, it's time to explore all the rest of what these heavy-duty mobile homes have to offer. Again, this all depends on the sort of floorplan you choose, so to make things easier, I'll run through the layout and some features found in the East/West Quad-Bunk floorplan, a 23-ft unit.

G\-Shock Caravan Interior
Photo: Yonder Caravans
Upon entering this behemoth, the left of the interior is fitted with a double bed, and to your right, the rest of the Quad-Bunk takes shape. A modular dinette and complete galley are part of the mix and offer everything you need to whip up three-course meals and enjoy them in peace. But, this unit is dubbed the Quad-Bunk for a reason; there are two double bunks on each side of the unit. It's the perfect place to ditch the kids. Finally, a bathroom with separate features is found at the very rear. Other units, mix and match or replace some of these features and include things like lounges, island kitchens and bedrooms, and many more, so take the time to dive a bit deeper if the images in the gallery are up your alley.

Sure, there's a bit more than that thrown into each G-Shock, but we also need to focus on the sort of lifestyle you'll live outside these units. If you're aware of how they like to do things in Australia, then you know that there's a really heavy focus on outdoor living, and the G-Shocks are no exception from that rule. Awnings are in place, a toolbox, picnic table, countess storage bays, and optional features like bike racks also exist. With your campsite now in full swing, awnings unfurled, solar panels capturing energy, and even an outdoor shower lying in the background, it's time to kick back and crack open a cold one. Go ahead; you deserve it.

But how much is one of these babies going to run you? Well, it depends on a slew of factors like the dealership you use to obtain yours and what features are in place, and the floorplan. On average, however, these babies are going for as high as $125,000 Australian or more, which is roughly $82,400 (at current exchange rates). Smaller units can be found as low as $95,000 Australian, or $63,500. Not bad at all!

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of G-Shock models, years, and interior layouts.

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