The Ford Ka Featured in James Bond Film

While you wouldn't normally make a connection between the uber-macho James Bond, the quintessential male representative, and the rather feminine Ford Ka, the small American machine somehow got featured in the latest installment of the spy series starring James Bond.

In a clip released by Yahoo, the small Ka, driven by sensual Olga Kurylenko, helps our beloved spy escape some evil-doer on a motorcycle by quickly edging through narrow streets. The scene is not long or very eventful but it does look like a commercial for the new Ford Ka, which isn't very British.

Bond has used a hoard of automobiles since he first came out, like Aston Martins, Alfa Romeo, Bentleys, Lotuses and BMWs but this has got to be the smallest car he's ever used in a chase so far. Fret not Bond fans, the Aston Martin is still there, still gloriously depicted in all its glory, but the producers must have really thought it would be fun to stick this small city-mobile in the movie.

Either that, or Ford gave a pretty penny to ease the cost burden of the production through the magic of product placement. There is also another, less viable option, considering the fact that the Ka is one of the “greener” cars on the market, as opposed to the gas-guzzling Aston. So maybe the producers are suggesting even James bond cares about the planet.

Regardless of the reason, here is the clip showing James Bond riding shotgun (the humanity!) in a Ford Ka driven by a bond chick, thus robbing him of any masculinity he had left, because with all the metrosexuality going on these days, even James Bond was forced to wear lip gloss and shave his chest (gone are the days when Sean Connery wooed ladies with his hirsute pectorals).
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