The First Toyota Coaster Minibus Gets Restored

The Toyota Coaster was introduced in 1969 as a 17-passenger minibus sharing its running gear with the Toyota Dyna. Although its now commonly spread through Japan, China and Australia, no one seem to know about the concept it was built from.
Toyota Coaster Rebuilt Concept 2 photos
Toyota Coaster Rebuilt Prototype
The Coaster you see in the attached photo looks old, but in fact it was recently rebuilt almost from scratch and it’s the first one ever made.

A team of Toyota technicians rebuilt it in their spare time, scavenging through storehouses and scrapyards around Japan to found the necessary parts. Rusted panels were polished up while the damaged parts have been reproduced from the original drawings.

Another interesting fact about the Coaster is the fact that it was the first hybrid Toyota has launched. Yes, the Toyota Coaster EV minibus got launched in 1997 before the first generation Prius model.


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