The First Daymak Spiritus Prototype Is Here, but Don’t Get Yourself Worked Up

To all those who laughed or, at the very least, were skeptical of the new range of LEVs (light electric vehicles) from scooter and bike maker Daymak: here is the first completed Spiritus prototype.
The first completed Spiritus prototype 12 photos
Photo: Daymak
The first completed Spiritus prototypeThe first completed Spiritus prototypeDaymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus Campaign
The Canadian company Daymak announced one new product and an entirely new line of LEVs earlier this year. Avvenire, which means “future” in Italian, would include anything from an electric bicycle to an electric three-wheeler with real-car capabilities and features, and even a flying car. Even before reaching that last item on the list, people were doubtful and widely amused to a great extent.

Daymak shook off criticism and continued working, with the Spiritus being the focus point. Two versions of the three-wheeler would be produced, Deluxe and Ultimate, and the latter would even mine crypto when parked, literally making money out of thin air for the owner, without the emissions usually associated with crypto-mining.

According to the company, the Avvenire lineup has generated over $1 billion in potential revenue, and 25,000 of those pre-orders are for the Spiritus. So say what you will about three-wheelers and laugh as much as you want about the claims behind Spiritus, but based on these numbers alone, there is a lot of interest in this type of LEVs.

The first completed Spiritus prototype
Photo: Daymak
So, on October 19, Daymak showed the world that it was dead serious about everything it said it would do: with the official unveiling of the Spiritus prototype. You can see it in the first two photos in the gallery above.

Let’s rewind

The Spiritus was the one entry in the Avvenire lineup to get the most attention. First of all, it seemed the likeliest to come to market, and secondly, it made some seriously bold claims. Aldo Baiocchi, president of Daymak and full-time inventor, designed it to meet the need for fast transportation for those who did not want the hassle of owning a passenger car.

Three-wheelers generally have a bad reputation, due to stability and safety issues, handling and the fact that, by trying to offer the comfort of a car in a more compact footprint, they’re neither good cars nor decent motorcycles. The Spiritus promised it would change that by means of proper safety features (airbags, enforced body, three-point seatbelts), high quality of the build (the Ultimate has a carbon fiber monocoque body and plenty of tech inside), and room for two people and luggage.

More importantly, the Spiritus would deliver emissions-free driving, which would make ownership cost-efficient and virtually maintenance-free. To sweeten the pot, Daymak promised everything from autonomous driving for the more expensive model, solar panels on the roof for extended range, Tesla-rivaling acceleration (again, for the Ultimate model), wireless charging, and even the ability to mine crypto.

Pricing would be on par with the features and capabilities promised. The Deluxe Spiritus starts at a hair under $20,000, while the Ultimate version is around $149,000, and these are just pre-order prices.

Daymak still needs to walk the walk

Daymak boasts an experience of almost two decades in electric scooters, bicycles, and ATVs, and is a leader on the Canadian market. It’s not a startup that pops out of nowhere, showing renders and selling vaporware, even though it’s been accused of both with Avvenire.

The first completed Spiritus prototype
Photo: Daymak
There is clearly an intention to bring at least one vehicle from the Avvenire lineup to market, but you know what they say about the road to hell being paved with good intentions. Daymak needs to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk about its so-called revolutionary LEVs, whether it’s a three-wheeler or a flying car that you can pre-order today and won’t probably get for another decade, if ever.

This prototype is a step in the right direction, but it’s begging for company. This is actually the second prototype (but the first completed one): in July this year, Daymak showed off the crypto-mining prototype, to prove that it was serious about this feature on the Ultimate. It’s a decent looking three-wheeler, but photos can only tell so much of the whole story, especially when they’re offered in such an ungenerous quantity.

So here’s to hoping Daymak follows through with a video of the Spiritus prototype and more details.

On the other hand, if you’re already a reservation holder, good news: Baiocchi is positive a 2023 delivery is doable.
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