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The Father and Son Duo Is Back, Talking Carbon Fiber

 When we saw the first video of the father explaining the i3 to his son we thought it was a decent idea, one that we took as it was: an explanation of all the car’s advantages. We even thought it could be paralleled in real life, looking as if the father represented the engineers and the kid the masses that didn’t know exactly what the i3 was.
BMW i3 Commercial 1 photo

However, a second video came out a while later, a bit weirder, with the two talking sustainable living. The second one was a bit worse than the first one, as the two had a really awkward laugh towards the end that left us wondering if we missed out on something.

Today, BMW launched another video with the dynamic duo, this time talking about the advantages of carbon fiber and CFRP over traditional steel. Whilst everyone already knows that CFRP is a lot lighter than steel whilst retaining almost the same resistance, the father explains all this in rather weird way to his kid. See for yourself in the video below and tell us you don’t get a weird buzz from it.



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