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The E-Jets Freighters Are Embraer’s Solution for Sustainable Air Cargo Transportation

Sustainability and circular economy are also some of the main factors that drive the future of aviation, in addition to lowering CO2 emission levels. One efficient way of making air cargo transportation more sustainable while also taking care of the aging fleet for passenger transportation is to convert airliners to freighters.
Embraer's freighter conversion aircraft will take to the sky in 2024 6 photos
E190F and E195F Freighter Conversion AircraftE190F and E195F Freighter Conversion AircraftE190F and E195F Freighter Conversion AircraftE190F and E195F Freighter Conversion AircraftE190F and E195F Freighter Conversion Aircraft
Embraer has already secured a second order from an undisclosed partner, for the E-Jets Freighters that were introduced just a few months ago, in March. The E-190 and E-195 are former passenger aircraft that can now fill the gap between turboprops and narrowbody aircraft, when it comes to cargo operations. That’s because they’ll boast a range that’s three times larger than that of cargo turboprops, with operating costs that are 30% lower compared to narrowbodies.

The converted E190F and E195F will be able to keep up with the growing demand for faster deliveries over greater distances, while also being more fuel-efficient and operating with reduced costs. And they’ll accomplish that without compromising on the payload capacity. In fact, the volume capacity will grow by 50%. According to the manufacturer, the E190F will be able to carry up to 23,600 lb (10,700 kg) while the E195F will boast a 27,100 lb (12,300 kg) capacity, comparable to that of larger conventional cargo aircraft.

The aircraft that will be converted are part of the customer’s existing E-Jets fleet, and they’ll be modified at the manufacturer’s facilities in Brazil. This process will include the addition of a main deck front cargo door, and a cargo handling system. The aircraft’s floors will be reinforced, and they’ll be adapted for hazardous material transportation. The first deliveries are scheduled for 2024.

While improving the efficiency and sustainability of cargo transportation, switching to freighter conversion aircraft is also making room for the new generations of more efficient passenger airliners that are supposed to eventually replace all the old fleets around the world.

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