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The Daymak Spiritus Three-Wheeler Will Mine Crypto When Parked

The future is electric and crypto-based. According to Canadian LEV (light electric vehicle) maker Daymak, the future is also very bright, and its essence is concentrated in the three-wheel Spiritus LEV.
The Spiritus LEV will mine cryptocurrency while parked, becoming the first car to do so, says Daymak 10 photos
Daymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus CampaignDaymak Spiritus Campaign
Daymak is a name that probably rings a bell: it’s one of the many EV startups to make bold promises with their upcoming vehicles. Daymak’s are grouped under the Avvenire lineup, which includes everything from an electric bicycle and an electric motorcycle to the three-wheeler and a flying car.

As of this week, you can make pre-orders for the Spiritus, the three-wheeler, using cryptocurrency. A variety of crypto is allowed, including the most popular Doge, Ethereum, Cardano, and Bitcoin, Daymak says in a press release. More importantly, though, know that the Spiritus you book today will make you money while parked tomorrow. In 2023, to be more specific.

Daymak says that the three-wheeler will be the first car to mine cryptocurrency, hence the claim that it will make you money when you’re not using it. The Spiritus will feature the Daymak Nebula, which is described as “patent-pending, comprehensive cryptocurrency infrastructure,” including the hardware necessary to mine crypto and a wallet to store and use the cryptocurrency. This would happen when the Spiritus is parked for charging, but Daymak does not say whether mining will affect charging times (it most certainly will).

Since Spiritus is emissions-free, turning it into a crypto miner node makes mining environmentally friendly, Daymak says. That would solve the issue of energy-intensive crypto mines, so it would be quite a boon for the likes of Tesla, which recently suspended payment in Bitcoin over sustainability concerns. Good thing Daymak plans to share this revolutionary tech with other EV makers through licensing.

Aldo Baiocchi, CEO of Daymak and the mastermind behind the entire Avvenire lineup, says that cryptocurrency is the future and this is Daymak’s way of getting customers ahead of the curve. “Everyone will be paying with crypto by then [2023], and we are building these cars with that in mind,” Baiocchi says. “Daymak Spiritus is more than a car.”

For the time being, though, Spiritus is not even half a car since it only exists as renders and 3D models.

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