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The Dark Side of Tech: Family Tracked for Hours at Disney World With an Apple AirTag

The more technology evolves, the more it makes our lives easier, but on the other hand, it also comes with a dark side that people with nefarious intents typically discover rather fast.
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Apple’s AirTag, for instance, is a device that’s supposed to make it more convenient to keep track of our belongings. But the bad actors out there have ruined everything for us, turning the AirTag into one of their favorite devices used for stalking.

In the last few months, we’ve seen countless reports from people who ended up being tracked with an AirTag, and now a family who visited Walt Disney World recently shared a horror story that perfectly shows why we can’t have nice things.

Mother Jennifer Gaston and daughter Madison were using the monorail to go back to the car after spending a day at Disney World when they received a notification on one of their iPhones. An Apple AirTag was moving with them, most likely as someone planted the device in their clothes.

As they were approaching the parking lot, the two tried to shake out their clothes as much as possible in an attempt to find the device.

They didn’t, so they jumped in the car, called the police, and went straight to the hotel. Later scans for the AirTag showed the device was still at Disney World close to the parking lot, so the device probably fell down when the two tried to find it in their clothes.

However, both the mother and the daughter are terrified by this experience, as their entire day was Disney World was tracked by a stranger.

Apple has already announced a series of updates supposed to make stalking more difficult, and the company explains that all AirTags offer notifications to iPhone users when a tracker is moving with them. An Android app has also been released with the same purpose, but in this case, users need to manually scan for nearby AirTags.


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