The Cyber Camper Makes Sense for the Cybertruck. Almost

The Cyber Camper concept makes the Cybertruck perfect for offroading 5 photos
Photo: joeguy07 /
The Cyber Camper concept makes the Cybertruck perfect for offroadingThe Cyber Camper concept makes the Cybertruck perfect for offroadingThe Cybertruck will come with pop-up tent, Elon Musk saidThe Cybertruck with the Tesla trailer
As it’s been presented, the upcoming Cybertruck is Tesla’s most powerful, biggest and baddest product. If announced specs make it to mass production unaltered, it could arguably be one of the baddest and most impressive vehicles on the face of the planet, period.
After all, Elon Musk designed with the goal of creating something stronger than a tank, something that could withstand the apocalypse. That’s not even a joke.

Officially unveiled in November 2019, the Cybertruck instantly proved to be one extremely divisive vehicle. Then, as its unique, angular and, some say, ugly aesthetics started to grow on even the harshest critics, it spawned countless renderings, fan-art and concepts of similar or related products that Tesla could make or, better said, that fans wanted to see made.

The Cyber Camper is one of them, and we’ll be discussing it today. It originally emerged online in March this year, but for whatever reason, it’s only now that it’s getting increased traction. Just in time for autoevolution’s Tesla Month, a virtual, all-things-Tesla party we’re throwing. Everyone’s invited.

The Cyber Camper concept makes the Cybertruck perfect for offroading
Photo: joeguy07 /
This Cyber Camper concept is an idea from fan joeguy07, initially posted to the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, where plenty of other, curve-adverse renders abound. Taking cues from the pop-up tent extension Musk revealed (also in render form) shortly after the Cybertruck presentation, the Cyber Camper aims for a more structurally integrated sleeping quarters.

It comes in double configuration, solo and duo, with the difference being, of course, the number of people it sleeps inside. The Cyber Camper is made of the same stainless steel alloy as the rest of the truck and would offer a tougher, more comfortable and reliable alternative to a pop-up tent.

“So I'm liking something a bit larger, like this insert camper that you can add to the vault of the Cybertruck,” joeguy07 says in the description. “These renders need work, but I want something in the vault so no need to tow and can travel almost anywhere all the time. So hope that there will be a camper style like this by Tesla or 3rd party companies that would be amazing.”

The Cybertruck will come with pop\-up tent, Elon Musk said
Photo: Tesla
As noted above, Tesla does have plans to offer offroading companions to the Cybertruck, namely a pop-up tent and a trailer. At least according to Elon it does: the tent extension would come with one berth and space for a kitchen underneath, making ample use of the built-in air compressor. “From rugged to refined, Cybertruck is completely adaptable for your needs. Prepare for every experience with a versatile utilitarian design – including onboard power and compressed air,” Tesla said at the time. Not much is known about the trailer, except that it would look like a Cybertruck-ed Airbus.

Considering the specs on the all-electric truck, it makes sense to want to use it for overlanding and not just the usual work you put pickups to. With all-wheel drive (except on the single-motor option), adjustable air suspension that provides up to 16 inches (40.6 cm) of ground clearance, ability to haul 3,500 pounds (1,587 kg) in the 6.5-foot (198-cm) cargo bed, and an estimated driving range of up 500 miles (804.6 km) on a single charge, and a scratch- and dent-resistant body, this thing begs to be taken on such adventures.

A built-in camper in the back seems a logical choice. But it’s probably not the best.

The Cybertruck with the Tesla trailer
Photo: Tesla
Considering that Musk also said he wants the Cybertruck to deliver the performance of a sportscar in the body of a massive pickup, adding the camper to the bed would mess with aerodynamics and total weight. Should Tesla or a third party make this type of camper, the owner would also have to consider other modifications or accept to sacrifice performance and, ultimately, range.

What good is a solid shelter in the post-apocalyptic world if you can't drive fast or far enough to escape the zombies?
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