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The Crew 2 Season 6 Episode 1: Dominion Forsberg Adds 60 FPS Support, New Cars, Motorpass

Teased by Ubisoft last month and hyped again in early July, The Crew 2’s new season brings a lot of quality-of-life (QoL) improvements for those who continue to support the game, as well as a new Motorpass that features 50 tiers of exciting exclusive rewards.
The Crew 2 Season 6 Episode 1 artwork 6 photos
The Crew 2 Season 6 Episode 1 screenshotThe Crew 2 Season 6 Episode 1 screenshotThe Crew 2 Season 6 Episode 1 screenshotThe Crew 2 Season 6 Episode 1 screenshotThe Crew 2 Season 6 Episode 1 screenshot
Also, to celebrate this first season of Year 5, The Crew 2 brings one of its most ambitious updates since release. Between July 7 and July 13, The Crew 2 will be available to try for free (full game) on all platforms.

If you haven’t guessed yet, this season has been designed in partnership with 3-times Drift World Champion Chris Forsberg and his Forsberg Racing team. The first episode of the new season adds six new playgrounds in the world of The Crew 2. Throughout the entire Episode 1, players will be guided by Chris Forsberg, as well as during nine brand-new thematized events.

One of the most important changes coming with the new season is a new 60 FPS (frames per second) option, which will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, along with a visual overhaul of color grading and weather on all platforms. Make sure to check out the complete list of improvements on the game’s website.

Of course, a new season means a new Motorpass, too, so for Season 6, Ubisoft proposes 50 tiers of new exclusive rewards, both free and premium, including vehicles such as the Forsberg Racing Gold Leader Z (Street Race), the Forsberg Racing Nissan 370Z East African Safari (Rally Cross), the Forsberg Racing Nissan 350Z Roadster (Drift) as well as vanity items, outfits, currency packs (Crew Credits and Bucks), and more.

New vehicles, such as the Nissan 350Z Roadster (Street Race) or the Forsberg Racing Nissan 370Z Pro Drift (Drift), will be available in the shop starting from July 6. Finally, fans of LIVE Summit will be happy to know that this will continue during this new season, with a new batch of weekly iterations.

The Crew 2 Season 6 Episode 1: Dominion Forsberg will be available on July 6 on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation5, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, as well as PC through the Ubisoft Store, the Epic Games Store, and Steam. Since we've been given access to the new season ahead of launch, check out our coverstory for the full rundown of the new features.


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