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The Crazy $100M VIP Jet Concept Gets a Special Lounge for the Exclusive Brabus Motorcycle

Last year, Lufthansa was making waves with its mind-blowing flying superyacht concept, the Explorer. Designed to be the flying equivalent of a luxury vessel for private use, the Explorer also features a unique “Adventure Lounge” where motorcycles and other vehicles can be carried. And not just any motorcycles, but the first and ultra-exclusive Brabus bike.
Lufthansa and Brabus designed a unique Adventure Lounge for the Explorer VIP jet 9 photos
Explorer VIP Jet ConceptExplorer VIP Jet ConceptExplorer VIP Jet ConceptExplorer VIP Jet ConceptExplorer VIP Jet ConceptExplorer VIP Jet Concept - the Brabus Adventure LoungeExplorer VIP Jet Concept - the Brabus Adventure LoungeExplorer VIP Jet Concept - the Brabus Adventure Lounge
Lufthansa Technik used the classic widebody Airbus A330 to create a unique, highly-luxurious concept. Just like a superyacht is meant to be able to go anywhere and act as a floating mansion where its guests get to return after exploring some remote exotic location, this aircraft is meant to do much more than just fly its VIP guests to a certain destination.

The expandable floor in the forward fuselage becomes a spacious veranda offering a breathtaking view from 13 feet (four meters) above the apron, while the aircraft’s living spaces include not just bedrooms and offices but even dining rooms and gyms.

Since the Explorer was also designed to also act as a base camp for adventures on the ground, it features a unique lounge that can not only carry adventure vehicles but also displays them in a luxurious way.

This Adventure Lounge was designed in collaboration with Brabus. Located in the rear of the lower deck, it can be admired entirely from the main deck through a glass floor. There’s also a staircase connecting the two decks for easy access, and Lufthansa says that an area for maintenance and additional equipment could also be added.

The star of this stunning lounge will be the first-ever Brabus motorcycle, the Brabus 1300R. Designed together with KTM, the famous Austrian motorcycle brand, the 1300R is introduced as a “strictly-limited” model. It’s no wonder that a glass floor had to be built so that this unique bike could be admired at any time throughout the flight.

The stunning Explorer, estimated to cost $100 million by itself, without the price of the Airbus platform, is still just “an idea laboratory,” with Lufthansa planning to add even more innovative features.

We can look forward to this year’s EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) coming up this month, where an animated film and additional details about the Explore flying superyacht will be revealed.

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