The Corvette-Branded SUV Is Finally Here, and It Looks Just Like a C4

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Photo: Reddit | secondbanana7
Corvette C4Corvette C4Corvette C4Corvette C4Corvette C4Corvette C4Corvette C4Corvette C4
A Corvette-branded crossover/SUV would have been unimaginable until recently, when most new car buyers are only interested in vehicles with many inches between their bellies and the roads. But the bowtie brand is moving on with the times, and they’re reportedly planning to use the Corvette moniker on a sporty crossover.
Mind you, such a ride is anything but taboo, as we have similar models from Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Maserati. Heck, even Bentley and Rolls-Royce have stepped into this game, albeit with more luxurious proposals. And that’s not all, because Ford has used the Mustang nameplate on a zero-emission high-rider that has nothing to do with the real muscle car.

When realizing that such a move is not exactly new, and that a heavy chunk of the industry’s money is found in the crossover game, it starts making sense why General Motors would want to cash in more on the Corvette. The model is expected to feature an electric powertrain, which would put it against the likes of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and it should launch after 2025, with design cues likely inspired by the real ‘Vette, from the C8 generation, which is the latest and greatest of them all.

A four-door coupe is said to join the upcoming crossover, and both are understood to be part of the upcoming Corvette sub-brand. So far, this is nothing more than a rumor, though as we explained above, it would make sense to give it a go, and have more Corvette-branded products than the sports model turned super in the Z06 configuration, which joins the Stingray, and the new electrified E-Ray.

Now, while GM is taking a lot of precautions, there are several Chevrolet Corvette owners out there that have turned theirs into veritable high-riders. And we are not talking about a jacked-up suspension for a more generous ground clearance, and maybe some trail lights, and fatter rubber wrapped around the new wheels. No sir, the owner of the pictured car went beyond that, as they married the body of a C4 to the chassis of an undisclosed truck.

The whole process probably required a few hours and a couple of cases of beer, and it is controversial, hence why it made its way to Reddit’s infamous ‘bad’ car mods thread, which is where we found one single image of it. The picture was taken in Wenatchee, Washington, apparently, in the parking lot of a Home Depot, and if you’re aware of more pics, then by all means, do share them with us, as we’re curious what lies beneath the skin, and if it retains the original drivetrain of the truck or not – though we suspect it does.
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