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The Coleman Milne BINZ.E Hearse Is the Tesla Model S to Carry You Into Eternity

With an increased focus on greener, more sustainable modes of transport comes a boost in interest in eco-friendly funeral cars. After all, one should go out the same way one has lived one’s life, right?
The Tesla Model S-based Coleman Milne BINZ.E Hearse 4 photos
The Tesla Model S-based Coleman Milne BINZ.E HearseThe Tesla Model S-based Coleman Milne BINZ.E HearseThe Tesla Model S-based Coleman Milne BINZ.E Hearse
UK-based funeral car and limousine manufacturer Coleman Milne has been paying attention and, in partnership with German firm BINZ and manufacturing group Woodall Nicholson, has created the ultimate – and final – green ride. Unveiled at the end of last week, it is called the Coleman Milne BINZ.E Hearse, with the “E” standing for “electric.”

This new hearse model, a demonstrator of which should be unveiled soon, is based on a Tesla Model S, modified to carry a coffin and have all the solemnity such a moment requires. As such, it will be longer and taller, with a compression composite sandwich construction body. It will be the proper send-off into eternity for a man or woman with a deep care and love for the environment, and should deliver the deferential silence a mortuary procession must have.

The CM BINZ.E is a premium specification that has zero emissions, which makes it ideal for Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) and Clean Air Zones (CAZ) across the country. The demonstrator is said to offer a range of 220 miles (354 km) on a single charge, and should prove an efficient, cost-effective solution for funeral directors.

Coleman Milne says the new hearse can use both new and used Model Ss, but all models will come with a right-hand-drive UK specification. This being a Tesla vehicle before being a hearse, all conversions will have the Tesla app and several charging options.

“As attitudes among policymakers and the general public shift towards greater environmental sustainability, it is important that the funeral sector takes stock of its own approach to climate change,” Lee Hudson, Managing Director of Coleman Milne, says. “Our Coleman Milne Electric Hearse shows it is possible to deliver efficiency and elegance in harmony with social change. [...] Our new electric hearse will provide a key component in the growing trend for these eco-funerals.”

Pricing details will presumably be unveiled at the same time with with demonstration vehicle, but UK-based funeral directors interested in the new hearse model can contact Coleman Milne directly.

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