The Classic Tourer Trailer Camper Mixes Affordability and Luxury Into a Fine Package

Hitting the road in a mobile home is a feeling like no other – if you choose an appropriate camper, you get the best of both worlds: you enjoy the comfort of your home while still experiencing nature in a unique way. However, although many people dream of traveling in an RV, one of the significant factors holding them back from buying a vehicle is the price. Today, I'd like to present you with an affordable trailer camper that comes with features you typically find on higher-priced models: the Classic Tourer from Supreme Caravans.
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Photo: Supreme Caravans
Classic Tourer Trailer Camper ExteriorClassic Tourer Trailer Camper ExteriorClassic Tourer Trailer Camper ExteriorClassic Tourer Trailer Camper ExteriorClassic Tourer Trailer Camper ExteriorClassic Tourer Trailer Camper Picnic TableClassic Tourer Trailer Camper InteriorClassic Tourer Trailer Camper InteriorClassic Tourer Trailer Camper KitchenClassic Tourer Trailer Camper InteriorClassic Tourer Trailer Camper LoungeClassic Tourer Trailer Camper BedroomClassic Tourer Trailer Camper
There are many reasons why one would like to buy a mobile home – some want to make a radical change, sell their belongings, and move full-time into a camper, while others simply wish to spend weekends or holidays with friends and loved ones in the wilderness. Whichever category they're in, everybody wants to enjoy as much comfort as possible in their home. Furthermore, having a vehicle with off-road capabilities is always nice, as finding peace in a spot just beside the road is usually challenging.

Although I've seen campxers from across the globe, when it comes to creating vehicles that can go off the beaten path, nobody does it better than the Aussies. This makes sense for those even remotely familiar with the Australian environment; the harsh conditions mean that people must be equipped with capable vehicles.

Today's trailer camper, the Classic Tourer, is also Australian-made. Its manufacturer, Supreme Caravans, is headquartered in Victoria, Australia, where it has custom-built its vehicles for more than 30 years. What initially started in a small workshop has now grown into a full-blown brand with a vast range of products, with a simple mantra: "Live Your Life, Live Your Dream, Live Supreme!"

The Classic Tourer is one of the five premium models currently offered by Supreme Caravans, and it's become a best seller due to its budget-friendly price tag. It's available in two series: Family and Tourer. The Tourer versions sleep up to three people, while Family variants can accommodate a whopping nine souls in the largest, full-option model. Each series comes in many floor plans and sizes, so chances are you'll find one that best suits your needs and wants.

Classic Tourer Trailer Camper Exterior
Photo: Supreme Caravans
Today, I'll be presenting the 20' Tourer, which can sleep two people – so if you're looking to embark on an adventure with your partner or a friend, this might be a good option. Before I go any further into detail about this camper, let me tell you about its price. According to Australian Caravan Centre, a 2023 Classic Tourer 20' can be acquired at a drive-away price of AUD84,199 ($59,316). Let's see if it's worth it!

The Classic Tourer is designed with longevity and durability in mind – Supreme Caravans describes it as a "semi-off-road caravan." This term can mean something else for each person. For this company, it means you can take its vehicle on the beach, in national parks, or basically on any dirt roads without any form of extreme off-roading such as rocks, water crossings, and more hardcore environments. Supreme Caravans' Territory range of trailers is a better choice if you're looking for an even more capable vehicle.

Regarding its construction, you can choose between double-ribbed aluminum cladding or aluminum composite panels, which offer full insulation. The body features a crewed and glued Meranti frame, which sits on a 6-inch box section A-frame chassis connected to Roller Rocker load sharing suspension. The 16-inch J-Tracks tires have been specifically chosen for their off-road capabilities, with a spare on the hot dipped galvanized rear bumper bar, which can hold up to 120 kg (265 lbs.).

Let me tell you what else you can expect to find on its exterior – one of the critical elements is a large roll-out awning covering the side of the trailer. There's also a full tunnel boot toward the front, as well as another handy boot just near the hitch. A nice touch for it is that it has drain holes on both sides, so it allows you to store some wet equipment such as fishing gear or a wet suit.

Classic Tourer Trailer Camper Exterior
Photo: Supreme Caravans
There are two gas bottle holders above the hitch, although a stone guard is missing- it would be an excellent addition to the vehicle, as going off-road might throw some rocks into the canisters and puncture them. You'll also find a picnic table on the vehicle's side and 240 V, 12V, and USB connections. Other notable elements are the front, rear, and side checker plates, LED lights, and a reversing camera.

Now, let me move on to the interior – I'll guide you through it and tell you what you can expect to find. As soon as you enter through the triple lock main door, you'll discover a modernly styled interior with premium. Keep in mind that Supreme Caravans offers different designs for its interior, including various options for its upholstery, flooring, benchtops, and more.

I'll start with the lounge area first – this is probably where you'll be spending most of your time inside, except perhaps the bedroom. It features two café-style seats and a tri-folding table, which maximizes the available space. There's enough room for two people to have a meal there, and if you work remotely, you and your companion can fit your laptops, connect to nearby plugs and go on about your business.

Some people might think that cooking possibilities are limited when living in a camper – however, they've probably never seen a genuinely well-equipped model. Admittedly, you probably won't have enough space to fit specific equipment, such as an air dryer, but that doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to really simple dishes.

Classic Tourer Trailer Camper Interior
Photo: Supreme Caravans
The Classic Tourer's kitchen features a Dometic 188-liter (50-gallon) fridge/freezer complete with a thermostat and an LCD screen, a 12 V vented range hood with external venting, a timber countertop, a large sink, a stovetop, and an oven. The stovetop comes with a cover, so you'll have some extra counter space. Moreover, there's a bunch of storage space in the form of cabinets and drawers, and if that's not enough, there's a massive pantry.

Another critical space for any camper that some people might overlook is the bathroom – in this RV, you'll find a well-equipped space where you won't have issues taking care of your daily hygienic needs. It has a luxurious look, with modern fixtures, a shower cabin with a glass door, and a ceramic toilet. Another nice and useful feature is a fully automatic washing machine, although it only works with cold water. Above it, you'll find a small pantry to store all bathroom necessities.

A notable detail for the Classic Tourer is the windows – not only are they double-glazed, but they're fitted with five locking points, as the last thing you'd want is a window flying off when off-roading. They can easily be fully opened, and they come integrated with a privacy screen.

The last space I'd like to touch upon is the bedroom – it boasts a full queen-size mattress, heaps of room to move around, spacious wardrobes on both sides of the bed, as well as nightstands. It's the standard arrangement you'll find on premium campers, and of course, you'll find all necessary elements, such as plugs, storage spaces, and plenty of lights, reading lights included.

Classic Tourer Trailer Camper Interior
Photo: Supreme Caravans
Behind the finely arranged spaces are many systems that make your journey in the Classic Tourer as enjoyable as possible. Among others, it's equipped with a roof A/C and two batteries partly powered by two roof-mounted solar panels. Furthermore, a 28-liter (7-gallon) gas/electric system provides hot water at the touch of a button, and you'll also find two 95-liter (25-gallon) water tanks and a 100-liter (26-gallon) grey water tank. These are just some of the features you can find on this camper, and the best part is that the controls for all the systems are easily accessible in a single spot, in what the manufacturer calls the mains cupboard.

By this point, you've probably understood the multitude of premium features you can find on the Classic Tourer. It's genuinely well-furnished, especially when you take into consideration its price. Compared to campers I have covered from other brands, this model stands out with an affordable price and an excellent setup. If you want more information about this Supreme Caravans vehicle, check out their website.
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