The CityAirbus Ultra-Silent eVTOL Soon to Conduct Flight Demonstrations in Germany

Many new names are trying to revolutionize air mobility with brand-new eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) concepts, but the fact that even the most prestigious players in the industry are betting on eVTOLs is a confirmation for their potential. In Europe, Airbus seems to be leading the game.
Airbus has partnered with several entities in Germany for UAM operations 7 photos
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Shortly after having announced that the future CityAirbus NextGen air taxi will soon start operations in Italy, Airbus is launching another major collaboration in Europe. Several universities, research institutions, local officials, and industry partners will be joining forces to bring air taxis to Germany.

This complex project isn’t just about the eVTOL itself, but about all the other elements that are required to make urban air mobility (UAM) a reality. This includes vertiports and their integration with existing airports, as well as unmanned traffic management (UTM).

Each of these aspects will be handled by different partners in the project. For example, the Munich Airport and Airport Nurnberg will focus on vertiports, while Telekom and several universities from Munich and Hamburg, plus companies such as Droniq and SkyFive, will be in charge of UTM services. Other partners include the City of Ingolstadt, Deutsche Bahn, Diehl Aerospace, and the Red Cross.

During the project’s first phase, the Air Mobility Initiative (AMI) will research everything that’s required for UAM operations, from the technical aspects to legal, financial, and social considerations. The project will culminate with eVTOL flight demonstrations.

The CityAirbus NextGen air taxi was introduced last year as an ultra-silent eVTOL. Fitted with eight propellers, this four-seater can hit 75 mph (120 kph) while making as much noise as a regular vacuum cleaner (under 65 dB(A) during fly-over and under 70 dB(A) during landing).

The future test flights for AMI will be conducted around Ingolstadt, and the project itself is also funded by the Free State of Bavaria and by the Federal Government.
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