The Chevelle Malibu-Inspired Tulip Is Returning, and Is the GTA 6 Trailer Story Reversed?

After the dust had settled with the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer, it was seen more than 138 million times. It broke the YouTube record for the most watched video in 24 hours with over 93 million views. The record was previously held by Mr. Beast with "Every Country On Earth Fights for $250,000." The latter was released in August 2023 and hit "only" 59.4 million views in 24 hours. Not only did GTA 6 surpass it, but it also left it in its Ray-Traced dust, 30fps and all.
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We're not getting into the whole GTA 6 ray-traced at 30fps and 1440p issue today. However, Digital Foundry made some great videos with information that suggests the trailer is in real-time.

This means the release version of Grand Theft Auto 6 might look just like the trailer, albeit in 30fps. There's still a slight chance Rockstar has a "Performance" mode in place for hardcore gamers who want buttery smooth 60 frames per second.

Now, coming back down to a less geeky theme, let's focus on some key points from the in-game trailer. The first order of the day would be the apparent reversed chronological order of certain events from the trailer.

Aside from the TikTok-like Carpe Diem type of videos, there was also a short story in the trailer that may have been in reverse. The first shots we see are with Lucia in prison. The next time we see her, she is in a car with who we think is Jason, seemingly speeding away from a robbery of some sort.

Then, we see her and her companion with their faces covered by bandanas, just like in Red Dead Redemption 2. It's made clear they're about to rob a store. The next shot is from the 1:10 minute mark, where we see our partners in crime driving away in a Declasse Tulip muscle car. More on the car in a bit.

GTA VI Trailer 1 Screenshot
Photo: Rockstar Games on YouTube
After a scene with them pulling off a drift while coming out of a parking lot, we see a different shot of them in a hotel room with her asking alleged Jason if they trust each other. Finally, we see them forcefully entering a store with the clear intent to rob it. 

At first glance, these could be connected because they're wearing the same clothes and bandanas in most of them, but something doesn't add up.

The reverse order from the trailer is this:

1. Forceful store entrance
2. Motel room
3. Drifting away from a parking lot
4. Walking through store
5. Speeding away from the alleged robbery place
6. Lucia in prison

The prevalent theory is that these would be part of a singular story but in reverse. However, chronologically, it doesn't add up at all. If this were true, then it should have been like this:

1. Motel room
2. Forceful store entrance
3. Walking through store
4. Drifting away from a parking lot
5. Speeding away from the alleged robbery place
6. Lucia in prison

Photo: Rockstar Games
So, as far as my puny brain can muster up, this myth is busted. Upon closer inspection, these could be parts from two or three different stories, of which Lucia in jail is from another timeline compared to the robberies.

But getting back to our Declasse Tulip, it's a bit of an odd duck. The Tulip was inspired by the Chevelle Malibu, with a few twists here and there, especially toward the rear end of the car.

If we look closely, the taillights are different from those of the Malibu. They more closely resemble a customized mix between the Oldsmobile 442 and the Chevrolet Impala.

The Tulip was first introduced in the Arena War update during the Tulip Week event, which ran from January 15 to January 21, 2019. It used to cost $718,000 at the Southern San Andreas Super Autos. I say "used to" because you can't buy it anymore.

Photo: Rockstar Games
It was removed during the great purge of June 13, 2023, when they introduced the San Andreas Mercenaries update. The car isn't too shabby, scoring four out of five bars in speed and acceleration and almost three and a half bars in traction.

Now, the question remains. Why did Rockstar kick this model to the curb last June just so it could have a historical revival in a trailer viewed by over 138 million people? Is it also coming back in GTA Online? We'll have to wait and see.

There are still a plethora of questions left unanswered, but one thing stays true, no matter what. Grand Theft Auto VI will be the most sought-after title in video game history. Thus, theories will keep piling up, no matter how insane they might sound.

Just recently, I started seeing similarities between GTA 6's leading duo and Bonnie and Clyde. Rockstar left some breadcrumbs on the road, but you can never be sure what they could mean until the deed is done. So, take everything with a grain of salt.

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