The “Cascade” Lets You Watch the Superbowl While Camping Round the World

Cascade Camper Interior 14 photos
Photo: Host Camper / YouTube
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So, you and the missus made plans to leave town for a week or two. The problem is this, the Superbowl is happening around then too, and for the first time in twenty years you guys have a heated discussion as to who gets to do what, when, and where.
The discussion leaves you searching for solutions, and somehow you read about a team of camper builders that seem to fit all the requirements necessary for your Superbowl and her escape to happen. That team is known as Host Campers, and the toy in service for this outdoor Superbowl adventure is the Cascade.

Funny enough, that’s what the missus wanted to do, visit some cascades. But you don’t believe in coincidences and all that jazz, for you it’s just about seeing her smile again, but also the entertainment center inside.

By now you’ve probably had a look in the photo gallery and realized the level of comfort you could be roaming the world in. Let's start with that. When we first see the interior, we get the impression that we have been transported into someone's living room. I have personally been in homes where the dining room and kitchen are smaller than the ones we find here.

Cascade Camper
Photo: Host Campers
As we walk into the camper through the rear access, we enter the kitchen space. Personally, I enjoy cooking, so I was very pleased to see a number of appliances that let me know right away the level at which I can work.

A three-burner stove accompanied by a convection oven and even a microwave, offer more than enough space and versatility to cook whatever you like. Even a dual-bowl sink is offered with an extendable faucet. The countertops use the same Grani-Coat surface as the Tahoe model. Plenty of cabinets and an 8-cu. ft. refrigerator are sure to help you carry pots, pans, spices, and even some freshly caught fish.

Once you’ve cooked your meal, take a couple of steps and have a seat at the dining table. This space is furnished with seating up to four people and includes a height-adjusting table. However, an option exists that allows for an extra seat but a smaller table.

Just to the side of this space is that entertainment lounge I mentioned earlier, complete with two lazy boy recliners to really allow you to enjoy the half-time commercials. A center console is also available to hold your drinks, remotes, or a relaxed elbow. And in front sits our console. A 32-inch TV sits mounted on a wall, available with a satellite dish antenna. A sound system with cd, DVD, and Bluetooth with four speakers, are sure to offer a nice sound all around the space.

Cascade Camper
Photo: Host Campers
Just behind the recliners we can see a raised space that allows you to enter the bedding area. It's here we find our bedroom. From outside the vehicle, this is the over-cab structure we see. Bedding comes with two options, either a queen or a kind if you really want to have room to roll around in. Cabinets and storage space are available all around the bed, but one option eliminates a cabinet and installs a window to allow outside viewing through the side walls of the camper.

It also seems that the guys at Host Campers really like their showers. Some of the largest showers I've seen in a camper have been from these guys.

Tons of storage space inside and out allow for a multitude of tools and outdoor equipment to be stored and accessed with ease. Slide-out awnings, clearance lights, BBQ unit, and external shower, are just some of the options aboard the Cascade.

Please keep in mind that if we were to go through all the options onboard, we would be taking up about 20 to 30 minutes of your day. If you’d like to find out more on this bad boy, just give a click here.

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