The Bunkhouse Is a Beautiful 30-Ft Tiny Home That Pushes the Limits of Small Living

When people think about tiny houses on wheels, they usually imagine small dwellings that don’t offer any wiggle room to their owners. And while it’s true that there are tinies designed for a weekend getaway, you can also find some mobile habitats that seem to push the boundaries of tiny living. That’s the case of this beautiful 30-ft house on wheels, which comes with a main floor bedroom, a huge loft, a spacious bathroom, and a fully-equipped kitchen.
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This tiny was manufactured by the skilled team from Uncharted Tiny Homes, an Arizona-based builder that has more than a decade of experience in building and remodeling. Over the years, the skilled team from Uncharted has designed numerous models that are tailored to the customers’ needs and preferences. Some are small, while others sit on the bigger side, allowing small families to live in comfort.

The Bunkhouse is one of those tinies that doesn’t feel tiny at all. It’s the company’s most family-friendly model, including smart design solutions that maximize both function and style. The home sits on a triple-axle trailer. It measures 30 ft (9.1 meters) in length, and it’s 8.5-ft-wide (2.5-meter-wide).

Although it might not sound like it’s a super spacious dwelling, this mobile habitat offers 310 sq ft (28.7 sq meters) of living space. The Bunkhouse comes with all the amenities you’d find in a traditional home, including a residential-sized bathroom, a well-equipped galley kitchen, a 12-ft (3.6-meter) sleeping loft that stretches over the kitchen and bathroom, and a downstairs bedroom.

The Bunkhouse
But that’s not all. The first thing that you’re going to see once you step inside the Bunkhouse is the living room, which is equipped with a large sofa that can seat three people. The sofa is placed next to a large window that lets natural light come inside. Next to this area is the aforementioned kitchen, which has generous wooden countertops that offer all the space people need to cook up a storm.

It also comes with all the necessary appliances. It has a large stainless steel sink so you can easily wash the dishes, a four-burner propane cooktop, a hood range, and a refrigerator. The kitchen goes big on storage space as well. There are numerous cabinets and drawers that provide ample storage for the cookware and all the utensils. A few steps ahead is the bathroom, which is surprisingly spacious. Inside, you’ll find a big shower, a vanity with storage underneath, and a standard toilet.

Above is the loft, which can be accessed via a set of wooden stairs. This area can function as a kids’ bedroom since it can easily fit two twin beds. It also has room for cabinets, closets, and even a small desk. Kids will also have plenty of space to play.

The Bunkhouse
The master bedroom is positioned downstairs, next to the living room. Although it’s smaller than the loft, this area doesn’t feel cramped at all. That’s because it features two large windows that allow natural light to fill up the room. Inside, you’ll see a queen-size and two nightstands. The bedroom gets separated from the rest of the house via a sliding barn door.

The Bunkhouse was specifically designed for small families, so it is loaded with all the necessities. Pricing for this stunning 30-ft (9.1-meter) home starts at $90,000. And just like every model designed by Uncharted Tiny Homes, it can be customized to fit the preferences of its future dwellers. So the cost can go up depending on the materials, finishes, storage options, and appliances chosen. You can take a look at the clip attached down below to see what the Bunkhouse may include. The model shown in the video is priced at $101,250.

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