The Bristol Bullet Would Look Even Better as a Coupe

The Bristol Bullet Would Look Even Better as a Coupe 3 photos
Photo: Theophilus Chin
The Bristol Bullet Would Look Even Better as a CoupeThe Bristol Bullet Would Look Even Better as a Coupe
Cars made by airplane companies are about the coolest thing ever, but they don't sell very well. Just ask Saab about that one. After a ridiculously long hiatus, Bristol is making a comeback with a beautiful speedster called the Bullet.
It looks like something built after the war, and it sounds like an old bomber flying over Berlin. However, the Bullet is modern to the core, the carbon fiber core that is.

At the heart of this project is the willingness of 70 people to hand over £250,000 ($329,900) on one of these Bullet machines. They are beautiful, but are the enough people who would pick 370 horsepower over something like the 740 horsepower of a Ferrari?

In the words of the great Kanye West, "you're a customer, I get it custom." And that's precisely what the Bullet is about. Think about it: the 2017 Ford GT will be made in about 250 units per year. So was the Lexus LFA, os Bristol is only after about a third of that, four months' worth, if you will.

Anyway, you know how the car industry goes. If you're successful with one thing, you can do another one, and another one, etc. That's how Pagani came to be. And if Bristol manages to find to find £17,500,000 worth of customers (that's how much 70 times 250k is), they might make a coupe as well.

If you're wondering what that looks like... you probably didn't know you can click the photos in our stories to expand them. Theophilus Chin combined the Bullet with the roof of the Mercedes-AMG GT to make a nice 2-door.

From the 300SL to the E-Type, all of the most beautiful retro cars have a slender roof. So we think the Bullet needs one too, right between those sexy rear fins. Maybe by that time, they can figure out how to add a supercharger to that 4.8-liter V8.
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