The Boaterhome Is an RV and Yacht Rolled into One

The Boaterhome Is an RV and Yacht Rolled into One 4 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot/Barcroft Cars
The Boaterhome Is an RV and Yacht Rolled into OneThe Boaterhome Is an RV and Yacht Rolled into OneThe Boaterhome Is an RV and Yacht Rolled into One
Ever seen a project that teeters between a crazy idea somebody had while on drugs and a work of genius? The Boaterhome is like that.
Millions of people have or have hard boats. You put them on a trailer, hook it up to the pickup truck or SUV and just drive it to your lake of choice. But while you're trying to get there, everyone is cooped up in the vehicle while there's ample living space not being used just behind you.

The Boaterhome fixes that problem by making the tow vehicle and boat one unit, connected through a hatch and also united by the wonderful world of stripes and decorative colors. So it's actually genius, but it kind of looks trippy going down the road.

Even though this vehicle is legendary and talked about in many articles, we still decided to check out the video put together by the Barcroft Cars YouTube channel. We had questions.

For example, what exactly happens when the boat is in the water? It looks like there's no cover for the back of the truck, so it's all exposed to the elements. More specifically, the front end is a 1986 Ford E-series and the rear consists of a 28-foot boat. Apparently, there's about a couple of dozen of these in America, products of the crazy era known as the late 80s.

There's advantages and disadvantages with something like this. Normally, the truck used to tow would just be your work vehicle for the rest of the time. but here... not so much. On the other hand, you don't have to worry about storing a boat and an RV if you want to have both.

John, the owner, says he's been around the country in the Boaterhome. And if it looks like something you'd want to get drunk in, know that's it's available for rent. Sound like one hell of a bachelor party!

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