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The BMW That Tupac Was Shot In Is For Sale, Whopping $1.5 Million Asking Price

The market for memorabilia will often include automobiles, and the rarest of all are those that involve celebrities.
1996 E32 BMW 750iL owned by Death Row Records 6 photos
1996 E32 BMW 750iL owned by Death Row Records1996 E32 BMW 750iL owned by Death Row Records1996 E32 BMW 750iL owned by Death Row Records1996 E32 BMW 750iL owned by Death Row Records1996 E32 BMW 750iL owned by Death Row Records
Evidently, some items hold a particular attraction in the world of memorabilia for the collectors of these things. The most valued objects are items owned by celebrities who have passed away, and the most expensive of those are usually linked to the private lives of those individuals.

The latest celebrity-related sale on this market is a 1996 BMW 750iL of the E38 generation, which was the vehicle that Tupac Shakur was riding in when he was shot. The gunman responsible for the shooting has yet to be apprehended, which makes the car even more unusual.

However, we must note that the vehicle has had several owners since 1996, and its unspecified owner currently wants to sell it for $1.5 million.

Since the shooting incident, the vehicle was impounded by the Las Vegas Police Department. Once the inquiry was concluded, the car was auctioned off by the LVPD.

The several owners of this car have since restored it, which involved repairing the damage caused by the bullets that were fired at the vehicle.

The inside door panel still has bullet indications, though, but the damage resulting from the shooting has been fixed through the replacement of the rest of the body panels.

Moreover, the rims have been replaced, as the original ones were damaged when Suge Knight, the CEO of the record company that contracted Tupac, fled the scene with two flat tires.

A third tire blew after the car hit the median separator between two lanes. The two passengers of the vehicle were rushed to the hospital, but Tupac died six days later because of the severity of his injuries.

The company in charge of the sale also has a medallion worn by Tupac when he was shot in 1994. The latter was a separate incident, which triggered the dispute between Tupac and the rappers on the East Coast. The jewelry is not linked to the vehicle, though.


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