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The Bike Brand of Shaquille O’Neal Launches New 36er for Tall Riders From 5'8" to 7'5"

Dubbed the biggest 36-inch wheel bicycle in the world, DirtySixer’s AllRoad Mark II is an oversized bike for tall people, designed for riders from 5’8” to 7’5”.
DirtySixer AllRoad Mark II bike 8 photos
DirtySixer AllRoad Mark II bikeDirtySixer AllRoad Mark II bikeDirtySixer AllRoad Mark II bikeDirtySixer AllRoad Mark II bikeDirtySixer AllRoad Mark II bikeDirtySixer AllRoad Mark II bikeDirtySixer AllRoad Mark II bike
DirtySixer is the favorite bike brand of the NBA stars, with a list of clients made up of big names like Shaquille O’Neal (the number one customer of the brand), Rudy Gobert, Steven Adams, Rik Smits, to name just a few.

Officially launching its bikes in 2013, DirtySixer had one clear mission in mind right from the get-go: to provide a safe, comfortable, and fun-to-ride two-wheeler that can make even the tallest adult feel like a kid again.

The manufacturer has recently announced that its 36-inch wheeler will be upgraded to the Mark II model, which will be available in five XL frame sizes so that it can accommodate riders from 5’8” to 7’5”.
Customers will be able to choose between XL (5’8”-6’.1”), 2XL (6’1”-6’5”), 3XL (6’5”-6’9”), 4XL (6’9”-7’1”), and 5XL (7’1”-7’5”). For those familiar with the metric system, XL is for people measuring from 172cm to 185 cm, 2XL for people from 185 to 195 cm, 3XL for people from 195 to 205 cm, 4XL for people from 205 to 215 cm, and 5XL for riders from 215 to 225 cm.

This behemoth of a vehicle weighs under 35 lb (15.8 kg), and despite its big proportions, it has a clean, minimalist design. The AllRoad Mark II comes with a strong aluminum frame, big pedals and oversized grips, and a 190mm (7.4 in) wide silicone gel saddle. It is equipped with tubeless-ready 36" rims and hydraulic brakes.

Customers can opt for accessories for the Mark II, such as a center stand, rear rack, and fenders.

Shaquille O’Neal is so pleased with his DirtySixer two-wheeler that he plans to order another bike for his other house.

Right now, the AllRoad Mark II is available on Indiegogo and there are 31 days left in the campaign. On the company’s website, the bike is priced at $3,000 discounted from $4,000, but appears as "sold out". Depending on your chosen perk, you’ll get an even better price on Indiegogo. The estimated delivery date of the Mark II is the third quarter of 2022.

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