The Best Ever Tesla Ad You're Going to See Isn't Even a Real One

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As they stand right now, electric vehicles won’t be a real threat to the oil industry. Out of the millions of cars out there, only a small fraction can turn a wheel without some fossil fuel being sprayed into the burning chamber.
That’s probably enough to give everyone making big money out of drilling, refining and selling oil the required peace of mind that allows them to sleep soundly for the next few years. They probably look at people who preach about the future proliferation of electric vehicles and think “you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

They’re likely so deeply stuck in the old ways that they can’t even imagine a world without oil. They might have dreamt about it a few times, but it was a short dream that ended in sweats.

But back at the beginning of last century, there was a man who believed in the power of electricity. That man died in 1943, but his name lives on to this day, and it might just be the biggest scare for those who benefit from the extension of the current status quo.

When Elon Musk chose the name for his company, he knew very well what he intended to do. If things were to turn out the way he planned them, then his company would be totally worthy of wearing the same name as Nikola Tesla. One way or the other, it would fulfill the scientist’s dream of making electricity the most important resource in the world.

Yeah, Tesla Motors is still a long way from doing that, but you have to start thinking that, given time, it could very well succeed. And, in any case, if anyone’s going to do it, there is nobody else out there who appears to be in a better position.

Unlike other startups that try to sell us the magic bullet, Tesla Motors took the long way to get to where it is now. It built a sports car that proved electric can be fun, it made a sedan that proved it could also be practical, it kept improving it and now it came to building an SUV, to prove the internal combustion vehicles that “anything you can do, I can do better.”

With one of Nikola Tesla’s speeches read with great pathos as voiceover and a set of dystopian images of a society obsessed with oil as visual background, this very short film directed by the Freise Brothers is the best possible advertisement Tesla Motors could ever wish for. The inventor’s words sound truer than ever, and they fit the agenda of Elon Musk’s company like a glove. Just shut up and take our money. We'll wait for the Model 3, though, if you don't mind.

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