The Audi Travoler E-Scooter Looks and Feels Perfect for Our Minimalist World

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Photo: Kyumin Ha/ Behance
Audi TravolerAudi TravolerAudi TravolerAudi TravolerAudi TravolerAudi TravolerAudi TravolerAudi TravolerAudi TravolerAudi TravolerAudi Travoler
Here we have another concept design that seems to be neglected. This time, the work of South Korean Designer Kyumin Ha is just waiting to catch the eyes of the next scooter manufacturer. In this case, Audi.
Let’s kick this off like this. Today, people are looking for more independent ways to travel, and the car just ain’t cuttin it anymore. Sure, cars are great and all, but if you travel alone, it makes no sense to occupy space for up to five people. Another problem we’re encountering is a growth in population, and that means even more crowded streets. So, what’s the solution? For starters, we could just use smaller vehicles.

That also seems to be Kyumin’s opinion. What his mind has pushed out onto the drawing board is at the very limit between size, functionality and design. With a perfect use of materials, technologies and visual aesthetics, we are presented with the Audi Travoler.

Where to even begin with this beautiful ride? Here, let’s start with the overall design. Just like a hand is complete with five fingers, the Travoler too is only complete if all five parts are available. A handlebar set, vertical tube, horizontal tube, and two wheels, of which one with a motor, make up all of scooter. Taking into consideration that the Audi is made to fit into your luggage or backpack, it could possibly be created from a number of alloys and polymers.

Audi Travoler
Photo: Kyumin Ha/ Behance
They entire device is designed around easy-on assembly principles, meaning all you have to do is just push respective components into their proper place and in under a minute your vehicle is complete. To take it apart, each component has a button that allow it to unlatch from other parts.

The initial and most important component is the vertical tube that give scooters their signature look. For this design, that tube incorporates a battery pack. That battery pack is responsible for all functions on the scooter, but unlike other electric scooters that use large chargers, this concept charges its power levels using a USB port.

Atop this tube sit the handlebars. One of the unique features of the handlebars is the implementation of a camera at the front to record your travels. This can serve as both a fun factor and a safety factor.

Audi Travoler
Photo: Kyumin Ha/ Behance
The next component that requires our attention would be the horizontal tube we’re accustomed to standing on. In the design, we see no other function for this component except to give us a usable platform with wheels. But the design of this tube is in tune to the minimalist design the rest of the scooter offers. There’s barely a platform to stand on. But I honestly wouldn’t care. I'd be riding one of the cleanest cut scooters I've seen in a long time.

At the rear we find a wheel. But not just your regular old scooter wheel. No. Here we find a top of the line propulsion system. It looks and feels very similar to the propulsion system of the Nawa Racer. Two separate arms hold a fixed wheel frame upon which the tire, and only the tire, spins. I'm not really sure how to stop this puppy, though. And let’s be honest, it's only a scooter, how fast could it possibly go?

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